Why Spiritual Initiation is So Important

This morning as i laid upon awakening, i began to realize how thick this illusionary world is around our consciousness. we come here and get so steeped in it all that it seems like the ultimate reality.

something has to happen to break through the thick veils of illusion and that something is initiation or proper rites of passages.

many of us spend a life time of having information, social mores and expectations, cultural beliefs and biases poured into us. We do have rites of passages: we graduate, we move on to new educational levels, we get married, have children...so much goes on that moves us from one phase to the next.

but how much of this are we doing in a manner that is conscious and based on our inner guidance leading us to our highest and greatest good? we have rites of passages but not proper rites of passages becasue maybe we move on to the next phase equipped in bodies, minds and spirits but maybe not.

there is little work done by us and by our elders to help us understand what we are moving on to. we don't always understand what it will take for us to make it successfully or we don't understand the challenges that lie before us.

There is just not a good foundation that is in place to help guide us along our way.

We make it. But sometimes it is after making many mistakes, getting lots of bumps and bruises and ending up in a place where we have to put a complete hault on our lives so that we can finally begin to grow and evolve from within our souls.

This is why spiritual initiation is so important. When we go through rites of passage that are specifically designed to break through our veils of illusion, then we are able to stay clear about who we really are and why we are in this space time continuum.

Spiritual Initiatory rites are designed to peel away the layers that we get as a result of being in this physical reality. The fewer rites that we have, the more difficult it may be to peel away the layers.

The more we believe in the physical reality being the most real reality, the more difficult it will be to see beyond what we believe to be truth.

Spiritual Initiation takes willingness. Willingness to be different, to see further, to increase your experience of yourself and your reality.

Initiation is an act of faith. Because we never really know where we will land as a result. We just know that we will be different.

One more thing. There are initiations that are imposed on us. Many people have to have extreme experiences in order to address their limited understanding of themselves and reality. So they get sick or have a near death experience or experience a death of a loved one or a relationship.

Where we don't know about initiation or are not willing, the greater WIsdom of the Universe will do all that it can to help you evolve your soul because that is really why we are here in the first place.

The goings on in this world are the least important as they are only experiences to help us along our way to realizing that we are Divinity in a body. So if we get too steeped in the happenings of the world, then our Higher Selves will orchestrate some thing to happen that will cause us to have to confront our truths and realities.

I say figure out how you can systematically go about an initiatory process that will assist you with breaking through the thick layers of this illusionary world. It really is better to choose to accept your initiation than to have the initiation imposed on you.

But know no matter what we are CALLED to initiate so that we can expand and be more of who we are. And once you initiate...go initiate again. Except you then initiate YOU!