Manifesting Beauty and a Career Goal.....


I awoke this morning and by chance found a desire for my life that I scribbled on a piece of paper this year. It read:

"Manifesting beauty...I am in need of feeling beautiful. That which I don't get from others I give to myself through eating healthy and exercising. The passion that I feel through my imagination can be channeled to my becoming a fitness, specfically turbokicks, instructor."

Well, to say the least I was a little shocked. I have no idea when I wrote it but I do remember scribbling it and truly desiring these things. So when I thought about where I am today compared to where I was when I wrote this note...well, I just lost my breath.

I feel SO beautiful now! It has been a long time since I felt this beautiful. I made a commitment to myself on my birthday in March, 2007 that I would workout at least 5 days per week and eat healthy for one year and then see where I stood with my weight and general health.

Seven months later, I have lost weight and inches. People often tell me how good I look and how small I have gotten.

BUT before any of these comments began to roll in, I looked at myself in the mirror one day and decided: I LOVE YOU!!!!! YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL AND SEXY!!!!

I was 178 pounds at the time and lacked muscular tone. But I meant every word that I spoke. I truly felt love for myself and felt fully sexy. This choice is what turned so much around for me.

So here I am now experiencing feelings of beauty everyday.

Then I thought about my desire to be a fitness instructor. I really had no idea how I would make this work. I did not want to have a certification to teach but have no where to teach. I wanted to actually work as a fitness instructor. I go to my local YMCA almost everyday but saw no *in* to becoming a fitness instructor. I hadapplied for a teaching position but nothing happened.

Then one day I was dancing in one of my Zumba classes (this is a fun Latin dance class) and two of the people who do the hiring saw me. I am also an African dancer which made my latin dance look very African so I stood out.

It was May when the coordinator who hires instructors asked me if I wanted to teach African dance starting in September. I said, "Yes! Definitely!"

Time went on and I spoke with her very little about it. I was not even sure if she would still be interested. But sure enough in July, she tracked me down and asked if I would teach the class. She saw my demo, gave me her full support and hired me immediately.

With little to no effort, I am now teaching African dance TWO days per week!!! People are loving my class.

So again, when I read this desire that I had several months ago, I was floored that not only am I a fitness instructor, BUT, I am teaching something that I wanted to teach for years: African dance!!!!

Why do I write all of this? Because I want to be a testimony that using the Creative Energy of The Great Mother really works.

After realizing that these two desires had manifested in my life, I looked at my vision board that I created earlier this year.

Again, I had placed a vision for my health and fitness goals. I had placed words and pictures that spoke to my vision for feeling beautiful and sexy. In my professional working lifestyle section I saw the words: Become a fitness professional and here I stand today, that very thing.

Visioning works! Using the Creative Energy of the Goddess called Osun, Sarasvati, Hani-El, Het-Heru or Venus is THE way to make manifest the desires of your heart.

What I keep hearing in my head this morning is a line from the movie The Secret: The how's are the domain of the Universe!

I now fully understand that line. It is not my job to figure out how but to be open and receptive enough, to walk in joy, so that I can actually see or feel or hear the guidance that will lead me to my desires.

So go ahead and dream big! Vision the life you desire! It does not matter how you get there but that you see it and believe it and FEEL it first. Create that vision board and allow the energy of the Great Mother to guide your steps.

Peace and Namaste


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