The Truth About Ego: Ego May be the REAL reason why you Self-Sabotage

Every level of your being is living breathing consciousness. The problem is that many don't know this about themselves. As a result, the part of them that is the least becomes the part of which they are most aware.

The "least" of our identity is the ego or the persona that we have taken on in order to have a human experience. There is a divine wisdom embedded in the ego that makes it operate for us in the physical reality.

The catch is that our ego is really a tool. It is our major identity in the physical. Our unique bodies help the rest of our human family be able to differentiate who is who while we are here in this human drama. BUT, we can' think that this is all of who we are.

The other catch is that so much of the ego is really made up based on life experience. Hence, the ego is so frail and weak in construction that it can fall apart very easily.

But the wisdom in the ego knows this and so the ego has to create a lifestyle in order to keep it in place. It knows what ways of thinking, vibrations and wisdom will cause it to lose its power and control and what helps it to remain the major identity that we feed.

Many of us wonder why we do not do the very things that will cause us to break free of patterns and behaviors that limit us and give us results that we don't desire. It is because the ego is good at sabotage.

If we have an ego that thrives off low self-esteem due to excess weight, then the egoic part of our self will make us fall off every exercise and eat-right program that we put ourselves on.

If our ego thrives off of anger in order to protect itself from harm then no anger management program will rehabilitate us.

What is needed is for people to recognize the part of themselves that is the ego and to witness its operation in their life experience. Once we see what the ego is feeding off then we can begin to do the very thing that will set us free instead of fall prey to the lies and rationalizations that our ego gives us to get us off track.

That is why many of us stay stuck in a place where we have movement but no motion. Our egos are allowing us to do just enough to make us think that we are really doing something when in fact, we are not doing anything. We stick long enough with out goals to feel good about working on them but just when we are about to make that new behavior a habit, we allow our ego to talk us out of sticking with it because our ego knows that if we achieve a goal, it will lose power and its ability to remain in force in our lives.

But if only we would educate ourselves then we would educate the ego to know that without the ego, we cannot have a physical experience. So the ego needs to know that when it is in control, we have a very limited experience. Life is not full under the dominion of our ego.

We have to let the ego know that all parts of our selves have their place and purpose and that the ego will have a better experience when it is doing what it was put here to do which is be a vehicle for physical expression.

So this may be the real deal behind why you self-sabotage yourself all of the time. It is simply your ego causing you to do that which will keep it in place. But because you are all-powerful and all-knowing, you have to live life by choice and make the decision about who is leading your individuated consciousness.

Stop being tricked by your ego. As a matter of fact make sure you laugh at any tricks it attempts and even succeeds at as you CHOOSE to not fall for its tricks anymore. Click here to read more Goddess Notes