Transformation Leads to Transcendence

Transformation leads to Transcendence so....

Stop resisting change because....

The blessing is in the stretching.

And as you allow yourself to extend beyond your previously self-imposed boundaries, you are then able to step into a sweet, sweet spot called transcendence.

You transcend your false beliefs. You transcend trauma of the past that haunts you today. You transcend hate. You transcend anger. You transcend all of the attitudes, beliefs and thoughts that prevent you from being all of who you are.

So why not allow the radical transformation to happen to you? Why not give up your crappy existence and jump into sweet surrender? Why not give yourself the opportunity to TRANSCEND!!!?

There is so much in this life is awaiting you. There is so much to do while you are still in your body. Even if your time is limited, there is so much more living to do. No matter what the only time is now and it is such a waste to squander it in sameness and stagnation.

Transformation leads to Transcendence. Moving past all of the lack and limitation...that is what it means to transcend.

Get past the weight of life and get free, feel light and be fully alive!!!!

Transform to Transcend. It is truly a good thing.

"Transform to Transcend" within the Goddess Tradition is known as the Goddess of Transformation. Click this link to learn more about this Goddess that resides within YOU!