Transformation in Consciousness: Make It Your Main Desire!

Often times I have thought that transformation meant change in my physical condition and environment.

I now understand that the transformation that we are most in need of is a transformation in consciousness.

If we can simply move beyond our attachment to what we see in thephysical, then it will become apparent that the error is not inwhat we see but in what we think, believe and know in our minds,our souls, our consciousness.

This morning as I gave thanks to my Ancestors for their loving assistance I said, "Thank you for assisting me with the transformation of my consciousness."

You see there was no need really for me to ask for assistance with manipulating the effects of my life to my favor. Instead I have needed assist in adjusting my state of being, my understanding of my mind as a tool and hence my thoughtlife.

With all of the spiritual work that I have been doing I have only seen small changes in my physical experience. But more and more I am experiencing huge changes in my inner experience.

I have taken two steps forward and one step backwards for a while but I won't give up, I really have nothing else to do. But continue to seek that which I desire, I am beginning to feel a momentum inside of me that allows me to take two steps forward and then another two steps forward.

Now any backsliding is only momentary. I am able to correct my errors in thinking and feeling almost instantly.

As I continue to seek peace, love, joy and good feelings in my inner world, the effects that I see in my physical reality just don't bother me. That is freedom.

So the transformation is not even about our experience on the outside, but it has everything to do with transformation on the inside.

So for all of you who continue to come to my website to understand the Goddess of Transformation please know that She seeks to help you transform your CONSCIOUSNESS! and as this process occurs, your outter experience can't help but change for the better.

If you feel your world is crumbling, it is probably because you don'treally desire it anyway.

There is a greater calling for your life that your Expanded Self knows must happen but can't because you are socaught up in a limited constructed reality. You may be too caught up in maintaining the effect instead of expanding your consciousness of the Greater Reality, of TRUTH.

When transformation begins it is not to take anything away from you but to help you understand that there is so much more.

Allow transformation to be a vehicle, an opportunity to experience MORE.

Transform your consciousness and your understanding of who you are and you shall find a peace that surpasses all understanding.