The Mirror

I remember when I was young I was obsessed with looking in the mirror. There was a running discussion at Spelman College, my alma mater, about how much time I stood looking in the mirror.

At the time if they could have heard the dialogue in my head it would have been this:

"I need to make sure that I am perfect. I must stare into this mirror to make sure that I look perfect. I am searching everything about me to make sure that I am perfectly beautiful. I can't leave though I have been standing here for at least 15 minutes. If I stare long enough, maybe I will really believe that I am perfect."

I had a middle school friend call me vanity because I was so consumed by my looks...dag! Me and that darn mirror!

Once I began to study the Ancient Spiritual system called Ifa I learned of the goddess Oshun. She exemplifies BEAUTY! She is beautiful and needs all around her to be beautiful, too.

"Oh yes! That is me! I am so Oshun!" I told myself. What I learned is that a physical object that helps one to connect with the energy of Oshun is the mirror.

"Well, I have that one down!" is what I thought when I found this out. I had NO PROBLEM with looking at myself in the mirror.

It is odd, though. After having babies the mirror took on a whole new meaning. I HATED looking in the mirror. I was over weight. I felt ugly. I felt so depressed.

The mirror began to feel like a place of bondage for me. So to free myself I stopped looking in it as much.

As time passed I decided to study what the Hindu Goddess Saraswati teaches. She teaches this: "My perfect consciousness shines in your world like a beautiful face in a soiled mirror. Seeing that reflection I call myself you-an individual soul- as if I could be finite!"

It is those words that made me begin to study the mirror again. I would look in the mirror to see if I could actually see Oshun, Saraswati, The Divine while looking at me.

Nope. Just Tirra-Olufemi...and all of her imperfections is what I saw.

But today I heard this as I looked at all of the messed up parts of my body,

"The mirror is for you to see the Divine in you. You don't look in the mirror to see what is wrong with you. You look to see Oshun IN you. You look to see the Divinity that you are."

So I encourage you to use mirrors to see the good in you for a change. Yes, we need to take stock, we need to take inventory. But we also need to understand that behind this physical layer of our self is DIVINITY! There is the Universal Oneness.

Can you see that in you for a change? Can you see the infinite power, presence and wisdom of the Source of All Creation in you instead of the wretchedness of you?

Go now. LOOK! Can you see the God in you!? Can you see the Great Mother in you?

If not...then it is time that you do. And then...operate from this greatness. The world will be so much better as a result.