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You are Invited to the 2007 Summer Solstice Fast! June 1 - June 21, 2007

Yet again we embark on another fast that will assist us in moving past limitations, opening ourselves to our highest and greatest potential and energetically bringing us in alignment with the energy of the season of Summer.

As usual you determine how your fast will look and unfold. Is there a limiting thought or belief that you have struggled with for this year or even longer that you would like to transform? Is your body in need of a good cleansing? Is there a quality that you desire or need to embrace that you haven't thus far?

Really think about your life. During the Spring Equinox fast we looked at the greater vision of our lives. What progress have you made in the last 3 months? What were your accomplishments and where do you stand for a need for improvement? It is very important that you believe in your dreams, your goals and that you pursue them with passion and fire. And what better time to harness the energy of fire than during Summer?! Looking at the greater vision for you life will give you clues as to what to focus on during this fast. Your inner guidance will lead you to determine how your fast should unfold.

So what are the energies surrounding the 2007 Summer Solstice Fast? There are three: Nekhebet Hetep, Sheps Hetep and Amen +. Let's see what these energies have to say to us.

Nekehebet Hetep. This is the energy of Oya, the Goddess of transformation who comes into your life to help you clear the clutter and release anything that is not working for you and that limits your ability to move fully into alignment with who and what you are. Oya is the energy of storms and the wind. Often times when you come into the energy of Oya, you will feel like you are caught up in the storm of life. Just like Dorothy in the Wiz/Wizard of Oz, you may feel like Oya's wind has picked you up and landed you in a new dimension.

But this is a good thing. The truth is that we have not come to here to remain the same. We have not come into the physical to remain static doing the same thing day in and day out. Oya's energy has helped me to fully understand the old saying that the only thing that is for sure is change. During this fast, you are being called to embrace change. You are being called to change. You are being called to move beyond who you think you are and open to an expanded view of your self.

What needs to change? This fast is going to bring what needs transformation to the forefront of your mind. See when you decide that you will fast from this food or that behavior whatever has kept you stuck in your limitations will come racing to the surface of your consciousness screaming, "What are you doing!? We have been so happy living this way? Why are you only eating raw foods right now? Why are you fasting from believing that you are a failure!?" And your ego, which remains in place because of your limiting behavior will do all it can to make you move back to unhealthy eating and self- defeating thoughts. When this happens during your fast, REJOICE! It is a good thing because you are being given an opportunity to heal that part of you.

Many people start the fast feeling excited and pumped. The first few days go well. However, over time many will report that they "fell off" and have ended the fast. When you get to the place where you want to quit, where you feel like "I can't go on", it is important to realize that that is a good place and that it is time to dig deeper to really figure this thing out.

This brings me to Amen+. Who is Amen? Amen is the supreme Creatrix/Creator, Source Energy, The Great Mother-Father. Amen is the part of reality that has no form but is pure energy and all possibilities and potentiality reside in It. Some call this energy God, Oludumare, Allah, Shakti, Nut, El and Goddess. This is the energy from which EVERYTHING emanates and it is the energy that our Higher Selves, Our souls seek to have us consciously remember while we exist in this physical realm.

So this is why Oya comes through with her broom, her storms sweeping and blowing away the veil of darkness so that we can fully see the truth of reality and who we are: AMEN.

What is Amen saying to us in this fast? Amen says to be quiet. This is a time to be slow, to be quiet. Turn off the TV, radio, the computer, the Blackberry, the phone...turn off all the distractions that prevent us from spending quiet time within ourselves. It is within ourselves that we are able to connect with our inner Goddess, our inner God.

When you hit a rough spot in your fast, and we all do, then it is important to get very quiet. If you can, take a nap. Sleep is very important to this fast. But what will happen is that as you get quiet and connect with God/Goddess within you, you will begin to understand who you are versus the story you have crafted about yourself in this lifetime. Amen says look at who you believe yourself to be based on your conditionings versus who you really are. This is a fast that will help you to move beyond your conditionings to a place where you are the conscious, living embodiement of Goddess/God energy. And when we walk in our full potential, we create great things.

This is what Sheps is saying. Sheps are our ancestors. During your fast, it is important to remember your ancestors. Give thanks to your ancestors for living so that you have been able to live.

Our world is in a huge planetary shift right now. Mother Earth is doing a massive healing so that She too may ascend. The entire consciousness of the human race is shifting higher. More and more people are seeking ways to give so that it benefits the greater good of all of Creation. That is why the Ancestors of Light speak to us during this fast. They say to us, "Study the ways of your ancestors. What was the work that we were doing when we were here? What legacy did we leave for you to complete?" This is related to the higher vision and purpose of your life. The Ancestors seek to assist you with moving into a greater understanding of what you are to do by studying what they did.

Now which ancestors do you look to? Definitely your own blood lineage. Even if there is massive dysfunction, there is still a legacy that needs to be carried on. Maybe the dysfunction was in place to assist your lineage with moving fully into the legacy of healing and it is you who will facilitate creating this legacy of healing or at least start it. Begin by working with your own personal ancestors.

You can also study the legacy of your ethnic, cultural, spiritual and national ancestors. Study the great leaders and gurus throughout known history to determine the themes of their legacies to better determine where they left off and you can pick up.

The Ancestors are making it clear that the world will continue to become a better place one person at a time and one small action of love and healing at a time. So don't feel obligated to do anything big. You may simply feel led to smile at strangers more. The key is to be more conscious in how you operate in the world.

Be mindful that this will be a magical time. Nekhebet is cool psychic energy. Again this energy is embodied in the wind so deep yogic breathing throughout the fast is crucial. Be sure to study how to do this type of breathing if you don't know how. Yogic breathing is simple, powerful and can add years to your life.

Nekhebet also says DO YOGA during this fast. Again, yoga helps to bring the entire essence of your being into alignment. This is important in this fast because during the fast you will be picking up on all types of unspoken energy. It is important for you to be centered so that you are not negatively affected as a result of all the psychic energy that will be in the air.

The energy of this fast is exceedingly positive. Truly the way is open for this to be a successful and powerful fast. If you find that you are experiencing depression or overly tired, again, breathe and choose to get extra sleep and rest. If you seem to find your mind focused on ancestors that left legacies of pain and trauma, send them light and love and send them on their way.

Although this fast is set for 21 days, feel free to fast for as long or as little as you desire. Any amount of fasting will be beneficial. Of course the most crucial days will be the days just before and including the Summer Solstice.

I wish you much success in your fast! Much Love to you! Tyra Olufemi Priestess of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries

Energy Surrounding this Reading: Tehuti Hetep

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