Your Spiritual Practice: This is where your power resides!

A way to stay in life's flow is through your spiritual practice. As time continues to pass , I am learning that my power is in my spiritual practice.

When I say spiritual practice, I am referring to those tools that we use to connect us to the Divinity within each and everyone of us. Examples of these tools are:

  • prayer
  • meditation
  • yoga
  • journaling
  • reading spiritual works
  • chanting.
  • These are but a few. I am one who advocates for individualized spiritual practice plans. But there is no one who should be without their own spiritual tools that keep them centered and moving forward in their lives.

    Life may throw a curve ball. Old conditionings lurk within our bodies, thoughts and souls like demons. It can seem as if we are living purposeless lives. This is where our spiritual practices can make all of the difference in how we make it through our "stuff".

    I once heard my guides, the Ancient Mothers, say:

    "If your life is in the toilet, don't even complain if you are not engaging in your spiritual practices. Go do them and then come back to us after that. If your life is in the toilet and you ARE using your spiritual tools, then know that it is your practice that will sustain you."

    I have found this to be true. My life moves backwards if I let my spiritual practice wane. As soon as I use the tools that I have, life may not be perfect but it sure is a whole lot more meaningful.

    Your Power is in Your Practice! If you truly want to see miracles in your life and you want to live abundantly and fully despite what the conditions of your life look like, work your practice.

    If you desire to have more meaning in what you do and to live on purpose, know that your power is in your practice.

    To Practice or Not to Practice: Either way there is a price

    "For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds."

    2 Corinthians 10:3-4, The Bible

    Why engage in spiritual practices? Since getting more conscious about my spiritual growth and development, I have begun to realize just how much American culture is set up to keep us distracted from our spirituality.

    I was chatting with a friend the other day and we talked about how consciously walking one's spiritual path can seem to be difficult. BUT on the other hand, there is a high cost to pay to keep ourselves steeped in dysfunction and mediocrity.

    I mean how many of us should own stock in Starbucks or Taco Bell or our local cable company or whatever it is that we indulge in regularly to numb out the pain of the past or the demon thoughts in our heads that tell us that we are less than valued and valuable?

    The American culture lends itself to helping us make dysfunction a stronghold in our lives.

    So there is a price to pay either way. We can either do the spiritual work that we all have come back to do or we can foot the bill to stay stuck in the muck and mire of life.

    The scripture above accurately describes why it is important for us to engage in our spiritual practice and the power of these tools. It is how we free ourselves from the limiting thoughts, behaviors and attitudes that have strongholds in our lives.

    What I want to focus on in this piece is this question: "What are the strongholds in my life?" I ask you to ponder this question for yourself. In order for us to address the strongholds, we have to acknowledge that they even exist.

    Examples of strongholds include: addictions, limiting beliefs, toxic relationships, and negative emotions.

    What is most important is that you think of at least one thing in your life that is problematic enough that it is negatively impacting your life. It may be causing challenges in your health, finances or mental health.

    And once we admit that we have something controlling us instead of us controlling it, then we can begin to dig more deeply into the "why" of the behavior.

    Once we address the cause of the behavior, the behavior will simply go "poof". A natural unfolding will be the problematic behavior transforming into dream promoting behavior.

    But it all starts with intentionality, which is achieved through a deliberate and consistent spiritual practice.