Spiritual Exercise: Don't Let There Be a Beginning to the End

The beginning of the end starts with this type of self-dialogue:

"This morning I am too busy to pray so I will skip doing so and get busy doing all that I need to get done on my full plate today."

"I will skip going to church/mosque/temple/egbe this time. I go every week so one week of not going won't hurt. I am too tired from all of the other stuff that I have been doing."

"Shoots, I know it has been two weeks since I last read my spiritual book. I just feel so down that I can't do anything but sleep right now."

"I need to relax. I will go watch TV/surf the net/talk on the phone/play video games."

I am one who believes that one's spiritual practices are where our peace is recognized, love expands and our spiritual power unfolds.

For my entire life I have been one who is inclined to do spiritual things. But oh my, this physical realm of consciousness has been so enticing and fun and engaging that I have had my times when I thought, "Spiritual what?"

In the earlier part of this phase of my spiritual journey, I would be hot and cold with respect to having daily spiritual practices. There were times when I was so on doing my spiritual work that I would be soaring.

Then I would begin to feel "okay" and would think, "I am fine now." Slowly but surely my daily spiritual work would fall by the way side and I would be steeped in watching America's Next Top Model Marathons ALLLLLLLL day long. WHAT!?

Finally, I would DRRRRAAAAAGGGG myself back to my sacred space, blow the dust off all of my spiritual books and start my spiritual exercises from scratch always landing back in a place of spiritual fitness.

I repeated this cycle for years. Then one day I decided that I would not make any more come backs. I decided that I was committed to doing my spiritual work DAILY. Come hell or high water this sister would not compromise on getting my spirituality on.

Here lately I have found myself in a busy and active state. I feel like I am constantly working on this project, writing that piece or divining for a truth seeker. Not to mention I homeschool my children, teach fitness classes and have responsibilities around my home.

One night on my way to Bible study, I thought, "I am so tired. I really don't want to go. I just want to go home and rest."

Immediately I thought, "Uh-Oh! That is the beginning of the end. Skipping out on regular spiritual practices is the first step into a descent of living hell."

I put my car on the straight and narrow to that church and had some of the most poignant revelations while there.

Just yesterday I awoke needing to complete writing a spiritual reading for a client. Now this weekend I was engaged in very sacred and spiritual work helping four awesome women complete their initiation into the Sacred Feminine Mysteries.

If that ain't spiritual work I don't know what is. I am a little depleted in some way so doing my own personal work is important. I felt so pressed to get that reading done because I had to teach a fitness class that I almost skipped reading and journaling as I do every morning.

Again I said, "The beginning of the end is not nurturing self with your spiritual exercise." As much as it pained me I sat and did what I was supposed to do. I felt refreshed, revived and was able to hear even the more what I was to write in that reading.

As busy as I am I am not crumbling. I feel good in general and all that I need to get done is getting done in a way at which I am amazed.

I encourage all who need this message to just go ahead and take the plunge into your spiritual practices. Stop making come backs. Ease your way by just doing it. Turn off the TV, the radio, the news, the internet and any other distracting activities. Step away from distracting relationships.

Set up a spiritual space and do SOMETHING to exercise your spiritual muscles. Say a prayer of thanks. Write in your journal daily. Meditate. Sing. Dance. Give praises.

It is not my job to tell you what to do but I do encourage you to make it do what it do! Your spiritual practice is your spiritual power!!!!

In love and power,