Self-Love: The most important relationship is with your HEAD

One of the most profound rituals that I learned from my studies of ancient African Traditional Spirituality is the Head Blessing.

First, what is the Head? In Ifa, a spiritual system born out of the Yoruba in Nigeria, the spiritual head of a person is called the Ori.

It is the part of us that stays in constant communication with the Higher Universal Divine Wisdom.

Our Ori is considered our own personal deity and it sees the biggest picture of us and of reality as a whole.

Ori is that voice inside of us that so many of us say this about, "Something told me to not go down that street. I am glad that I listened because there was bad news down that street."

As time has passed I have come to understand how other spiritual systems describe Ori. The Christians call it the Holy Spirit. It is Ganesha in the Vedic tradition and Ausar in the spiritual system out of Egypt Kemet. When all else fails just call this part of our selves the Higher Self.

Ifa teaches that it is important to keep our awareness of and line of communication open with our Ori, which has a vested interest in us succeeding.

A way to keep the connection strong between the more limited physical level of our selves and the Ori is to bless it.

I won't go into the ritual but essentially water is used to clear and cool our spiritual head.

It is this ritual that I have done for years...even before I knew it was from Ifa...that has created a connection with this higher level of myself that is almost beyond describing.

What I thought about as I blessed my head this morning is the fact that the most important relationship that I can cultivate is that with self and this Divine part of each of us.

It used to be that I would live and die for the love of people around me. I think that having the love of family and close friends is important. Don't get me wrong.

But I would also wonder when my own love for myself would become important. I used to wish that I could love myself enough to not need anyone to do so for me.

It is blessing my head that has led to a deeper relationship withmy own Self.

This morning I realized that until I get in love and in relationship with my Self that I will have a difficult time doing the same with others.

I once read that the Ori and the Heart, also called Egbe, are connected.

A hallmark of understanding the Divine Feminine way of looking at things is living a heart centered life. If we follow our heart we will land in a sweet spot.

In Ifa a group that meets as a spiritual family is called an Egbe. This is the same as being part of a church or mosque or synagouge or temple.

The Egbe is the heart, it is family. I thought to myself, "Before I go to Egbe can I please have egbe with my own Self? Can I be my own heart? Before I go touch and agree at church, can I touch and agree within my own Self?"

It is all about the Divine Harmony, you know. I need to get all parts of myself in harmony with my Ori which is in harmony with the Divine Truth that ALL IS ONE.

That is all I need to get by. Really, falling in love with Self. That is some good lovin'. And as I do so I can share this good lovin' with those who come and go in my life.

My Ori. I give thanks for it and for being aware of this level of my Self.

Realizing My Self,