The Self-Love Blog:

You Better Love You Some YOU!


The greatest commitment that I can make is to myself. I am realizing more and more that when I commit to ME, then I walk with a greater level of Iwa Pele (good character) and I seek to present my best self at all times.

Why would I sell myself out in order to promote someone else? Now don't get me wrong, sometimes I am called to promote others, to make a contribution to helping someone else achieve their goals. I call that service. But service to others should not come with the cost of lack of or no service to myself.

Self-lessness is not putting everyone before yourself. Selflessness is allowing one's ego construct, the superstar made up part of one's self, to submit to the higher calling of Divine Providence, Divine Wisdom.

When I allow my ego to fall away and stand fully open to the Divine will, then I stand as a self-less being. In that state I may be called to help others or i may be called to take care of my own self through engaging my spiritual practices or exercise or taking a class to increase my understanding of or how to start a business.

When we are truly selfless then we are present and aware moment by moment so that we only do that which we are called to do by the Spirit of the Divine within us.

Commitment to one's own self is essentially making an investment. The bottom line is that I only will ever have me. No one else is guaranteed in my life so I better begin to take time to make me better.

I better take time to love me some me. I better take time to get to know me better. And the more I stay committed to me and my purpose of love, the better I am to everyone who I encounter. There is no need for self-sacrifice because I am so full of good stuff that I can't help but share with another.

Seek to commit to your own self, your own goals, your own life purpose. Stop giving away your best self to everyone BUT YOU! Contrary to the erroneous teachings of recent times past, it is really okay to love you and be in relationship with you before doing so with others.

Your life and your work with and for others will be better for it.

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(HUGS) from the Goddess to YOU!