NATURE TEACHES: What does the Rising Sun have to do with anything?

As I witnessed dawn this morning, I beheld the beauty, magic and mystery of this space time continuum. It was as if I was seeing the dawning light for the first time ever. I felt just like a little kid seeing all of the goings on at Disney World.

When I saw the beauty of the breaking day, it let me know that being in this physical reality is one of the neatest experiences that one can have.

I was reminded by my higher self in that moment that the fact that the sun rises everyday is proof that there is no problem, no issue, no nothing that cannot be solved when I allow myself to connect with the divine omniscience of the universe.

The POWER that makes the sun rise and set DAY IN AND DAY OUT is the same power that I have access to to assist me with making my experience in this physical reality fun, adventurous, productive and expansive.

I then went and put myself in a meditative state and felt myself as a watery consciousness. I felt myself no longer in a body but as an energetic presence, an expanded consciousness.

My Ori told me that this is the truth of who I am. The longer I allowed myself to remain in that expanded state of consciousness the more I felt a deep, deep trust in the truth of this reality, in the omniscience and omnipotence that I was experiencing during the dawning light.

Everything and everyone in my life looks different when I allow myself to remain expanded in my consciousness. There are no problems in my life.

Actually, I can't wait to see how the wisdom and power of the Divine will work through me to move me past the experiences that I no longer desire and to step into those that I seek to experience while I am still here.

I give thanks for the dawning light. Nature teaches yet again....

Nature Teaches Divine Omniscience: Tree Teachers are the best.....

I continue to ponder the qualities of the divine. Omniscience. All knowing. All wise. This is what I am tapping into at this time.

You see there are some creations that I desire to bring forth. In the past when I made a decision to bring forth one of my creative expressions, I would come up with a game plan and execute it.

SOME HOW...I think it is purely that I was naive enough to believe that all would work out just as I wanted did!

But I guess with age (chuckle) and maturity (more laughter) and wisdom (full belly laugh), I began to truly believe that the limited me had more to do with what was going on than the Great Mother/God.

What happened was a few of my desires did not manifest themselves and it shook me. So I had to go into "fix it" mode and "control it" mode and "make it happen" mode.

I did this until I ended up feeling beat down and broken.

Once I decided to step fully on my spiritual journey, I started re-educating myself. First and foremost I made my spiritual practice top priority.

It was my spirit that was most hurting so why not start there.

Then I began to work on trusting the Divine, my own Self and the Divine Laws of the Universe.

I realized that my creations are me in action but that I work in concert with the God/The Great Mother.

This has led me to this deep pondering of the qualities of the Divine.

Omniscience. I sure need some wisdom right now. But I am so in the know...after experience of course...that my job is to hold the vision of the dream achieved and that the "how's" are the domain of the Universal Omniscience.

The other day I thought about trees.

In all of my life I have never heard a tree cry out in worry or grief that anything is wrong. They start as small seeds. Season after season after season these trees grow, lose their leaves, stand barren in the winter and then bloom and blossom to produce leaves and fruit.

I know that it is the Omniscience of God/The Great Mother working within each tree. The tree doesn't resist this inner wisdom. The trees obviously trust the wisdom.

As I see it they never complain that anything is wrong.


Well, I am. Because the trees that I look at are so tall that i would have to get in a small air plane to touch the tops.

I mean think about it. There are some trees that are are hundreds of years old! They simply allow their innate wisdom to operate within and now they are some of the tallest and oldest living objects in the world!!!

Yeah, I am listening to my Tree Teachers right now. I have recently began to express to others the importance of learning more about spirituality from Nature.

That is where we are able to see the Divine's work occur effortlessly.

All I seek to do is follow suit.

I allow the Divine Omniscience to be my wisdom. I follow this wisdom to living a life that is by design and in harmony with the Divine and Universal Law.

Feeling Omniscience Within,