Nature Teaches: The Divine Omniscience teaches through the rising sun....

March 19, 2010

As I witnessed dawn this morning, I beheld the beauty, magic and mystery of this space time continuum. It was as if I was seeing the dawning light for the first time ever. I felt just like a little kid seeing all of the goings on at Disney World.

When I saw the beauty of the breaking day it let me know that being in this physical reality is one of the neatest experiences that one can have. I was reminded by my higher self in that moment that the fact that the sun rises everyday is proof that there is no problem, no issue, no nothing that cannot be solved when i allow myself to connect with the divine omniscience of the universe.

The POWER that makes the sun rise and set DAY IN AND DAY OUT is the same power that I have access to to assist me with making my experience in this physical reality fun, adventurous, productive and expansive.

I then went and put myself in a meditative state and felt myself as a watery consciousness. I felt myself no longer in a body but as an energetic presence, an expanded consciousness. My Ori told me that this is the truth of who I am. The longer I allowed myself to remain in that expanded state of consciousness the more I felt a deep, deep trust in the truth of this reality, in the omniscience and omnipotence that I was experiencing during the dawning light.

Everything and everyone in my life looks different when I allow myself to remain expanded in my consciousness. There are no problems in my life and now I can't wait to see how the wisdom and power of the Divine will work through me to move me past the experiences that I no longer desire and to step into those that I seek to experience while I am still here.

I give thanks for the dawning light. Nature teaches yet again....