Inspiration for Success: Get out of your Dead Holding Pattern....

July 29, 2009


Below is a journal that I wrote about a year ago but felt led to revisit this morning. I share in case there are others who need to read it, too.

Peace and Love


June 5, 2008

I am listening to one of my favorite Christian Gurus speak. He is talking about when the women came to the grave where the body of Jesus the Christ was laid. There is an angel there.

The question posed by the angel to the women is "Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here."


This guru goes on to say that there are many people in our lives who come to the last place where they saw us and that there ought to be angels there asking: "Why do you seek the living among the dead? He has risen. She has risen. They have risen."

At this point something in my soul begins to stir as I ponder my own life..... I ask myself: "Are people in my life able to find me in the place where they last saw me? Am I still the same in my body, emotions, mind and spirituality?"

Lastly, this guru speaks on Jesus' example. He says that his example teaches us that we can be in a dead place but that we don't have to stay in that place. His example also teaches that we can be in a dead place but that God has the power to raise us from the dead.

Now I have listened to Pastor Vinnie speak these words many times. But this really struck me this morning. I then asked myself: "What are the areas in my life from which the Great Mother is seeking to raise me?"

You see for many years, I would make one commitment after the other to move past my lack and limiting beliefs and behaviors.

I would journal. I would start one life makeover after the other. I would talk about what I was doing as well as my issues.

And one day I revisited my journals. For several years in a row, I was saying the same thing over and over.

I was crying the same tears. I was singing the blues over the same sob story. I had the same weight to lose, the same career issues and the same relationship woes. I was almost petrified to see that I was making no progress in my life.

But I have heard many people say the same thing once they get conscious enough and aware enough to see that they are in a holding pattern.

I did eventually begin to progress, to make forward movement in my life. But this morning I just know that I need to find the areas in my life where I am still in a dead position.

I seek to be resurrected into a higher state of being and consciousness.

Today I ask you, "What are the dead areas in your life from which you need resurecting? What is it that God/The Great Mother is calling you to do from which you are running? Are you in a holding pattern?"

Another one of my favorite Christian Gurus is my husband. He once gave a definition for success that I desire to share with you.

Success is forward movement.

Once I heard that definition then I was able to move to a place where I can celebrate all of the baby steps as well as leaps of faith it will take to get to the goal line.

I say this to you so that you will know that as long as you are moving forward, you are succeeding.

Success can be simple yet overtime, profound. So move forward. Do something!

See yourself literally being resurrected by God/The Great Mother from your spiritual tomb, knowing that a death and resurrection is taking place simultaneously.

You will need to die to your limited self, in order to rise to your greater self.

A wise elder traditional African priest once said to me: The least of your real self, is greater than 100% of your superstar made up self.

You see it is all about getting real and getting real is knowing who you are.

You are a Divine being placed here in this physical realm to make a significant difference.

For some the significant difference is simply smiling at other people. For others it is leading large groups. But the ultimate truth is that we are DIVINE.

We are not limited physical beings. WE ARE TRULY POWERFUL BEINGS who simply need to walk in this truth.

And as we live this truth of who we are the world will literally transform into the peaceful and loving place that it is at all times.

Our lack and limiting beliefs would have us to believe in all the lack and chaos but there is no lack or chaos in God/The Great Mother.

There is simply peace.

So this morning, I am on a mission to observe myself and to really hear and see what it is that I need to transform.

I will search my mind, soul and actions for clues as to where to start. And by this time next year, success is my to claim.

I wish the same for you.

In light and Love