How our external guru's letting us down can be really good. A.K.A. My spiritual leader is a fraud!

Your inner guru is who you should seek to connect with.

This morning I now stand in the truth of my spiritual path. I am on the path to self-realization. In this moment I do not need a guru without but only seek to connect with the guru within.

What I know is that the divine innate wisdom within me is so powerfully wise and all knowing that when I was walking around in darkness within my consciousness, when I walked not remembering who I am, my Ori brought people and books and experiences to help spark an awakening within me.

These external gurus had a spark of enlightenment within them and that energy sparked something within me.

The problem as I see it is that our personalities get attached to the external guru to the point where we don't seek to have the supreme relationship which is with our internal guru, our true guru.

As I see it at some point we should desire to break away from our external gurus. Our greatest desire should be to here the guru within and learn from that guru.

That takes nothing away from other incarnated souls. Their wisdom can still assist us on the path to enlightenment.

But what most matters is that we are in proper relationship with self first so that the external guru does not take precedence over the internal guru.

Just this morning i read about how spiritual leaders in the kundalini yoga movement have grossly taken advantage of those who followed their leadership.

What I think is that this was necessary because so many refuse to detach from their external guru. The path to self-realization requires that we lose attachments to all things, people and experiences....even our beloved gurus.

In order to break the improper relationship with an external guru something major has to happen if the person doesn't detach themselves. Something will happen that will be so major that the person will have not choice but to put that guru down.

I remember in radical forgiveness something really stood out. it said that the people who hurt us the most, that give us the hardest time are in fact, on the metaphysical/spiritual level, our biggest supporters.

It is our interaction with these people that can potentially catapult us to our highest level of growth. We have to grow through some things and that leads to a higher level of consciousness, love, peace and prosperity.

And what i know of the relationship between me and my inner guru is that there is nothing like it in the world. I have never felt more certain and secure since losing this knowingness when I was a baby.

If we could all know that the ultimate realization of self is connecting to that God-voice within, connecting to the Guru-Goddess within, then it would be so much easier to grow and go....allowing each soul to contribute what they are to contribute without having to be responsible for the majority of our soul development while in a body.

This is so healing for me. It helps me to understand that those who I have seen as hurtful towards me in the past ultimately are my greatest supporters. My experiences with them have caused me to seek the most intimate and sacred divine union with my inner guru. I am just that much closer to walking as my integrated whole self, which is consciousness, because of those who I have perceived as initiators of hurt in my life.

I give thanks for them all.

I walk the path of self-realization, reunited with the part of my self called the Ori, Guru-Goddess.