Spiritual Technology: Wisdom Regarding Debt

July 22, 2009

I am now realizing that in order to maintain debt and/or poverty, we must have a relationship with it. I do not apply this to children but for adults, in a way debt/poverty become part of our identity. We also get to a place where we have a form of addiction to it...both probably help us to get a fear fix.

The way to transcend it is to shift the focus from what we lack to what we do have and to establish proper relationship with the True Source of Abundance. We do this through transforming our mind and infusing it with abundance wisdom throughout everyday. We do this through releasing wrong thinking and any attachments we have to errors in thinking.

I now know that abundance is our true nature and anything else is an abnormality.

I give thanks to the ancestors who gave this wisdom to me this evening. ASHE-O!

Awakened and Free,