Gratitude versus Appreciation: Not the same yet can lead you to abundance

As I have pondered gratitude as a spiritual practice I have decided to check out youtube to see if anyone has anything to say about gratitude.

I found a Abraham-Hicks video called Gratitude vs. Appreciation and was pleasantly surprised by what I heard.

I have never considered that there is a difference between gratitude and appreciation; however, according to Abraham-Hicks there is.

Gratitude is reflecting on that which has already happened and feeling thankful BUT on some level we are still in vibrational alignment with the situation.

So gratitude for me would be looking back at my weight issue feeling thankful for transcending it. A phrase that I have heard before to describe my thankful reflection would be, "I may not be where Ineed to be but I am not where I used to be."

That is how I feel regarding my weight. I am not where I desire to be but when I look back on where I come from, I feel so thankful for now AND for the journey of being overweight.

Again, in some way there is still some vibrational connection to the overweight experience with gratitude at the very least because I have thought on it.

Appreciation is different. Abraham when on to say that the difference between gratitude and appreciation is like the difference between motivation and inspiration. Motivation is external and appreciation is internal.

They go on to say that appreciation is more about a calling to be more of who you are. There is no lack involved there is simply an in the moment experience of feeling thankful for where you are right here right now.

Feelings of thankfulness stem from understanding all of who you are and operating from your divinity and the truth that you live in an abundant Universe.

I was a little shocked to say the least when I heard this.

Initially I could not even wrap my mind around what they were saying and even had to listen to the video a few times more to grasp if I even believed this.

What I have done is sought to see if I have this experience of being in gratitude as being different from being in appreciation.

I can honestly say that I now know the difference for myself.

When I think on my body in appreciation, there are no flaws. I feel a deep level of thankfulness for having this physical body and the opportunity to have a blast while I am here.

I don't think on the past I only feel the good in the now of my beautiful body and I look forward to the good that I shall experience that lays ahead.

I don't think that there is anything wrong with gratitude. Gratitude has its place. But what I am getting is that walking in appreciation is more in alignment with divine truth.

There is power in gratitude. We are able to transcend victimhood and begin to take back ownership of our power.

The power in appreciation is that we are already in our power and seeking to use it in a deliberate way.

So get your gratitude AND appreciation on! They are both needed and truly tools to spiritual liberation and self-realization.

In Appreciation of YOU,