How Haiti Is Helping Me Find My Life's Purpose

When you see you beyond your world into the world of others, it will make you know that you have no problems whatsoever and need to be about the business of using your gifts and talents to help another.

My Godmother, Khamisi, has gone to Haiti to serve its residents through her gifts of loving and nursing. She once told me that many people in Haiti wake up looking for food for most of them have none.

I thought about this story this morning as I tried to decide if I would do my cardio workout or yoga outside on my deck. I really see how going to other places causes so many to come back to the western world feeling dislocated and baffled.

I have been sobered by just hearing the stories. Working with Khamisi to collect medical items for her upcoming medical mission to Haiti is causing my mind to expand and hence examine everything that I think, do and say.

What a privilege it is to awaken and wonder if I will do my cardio workout or yoga on the deck. Now don't get me wrong. I do cardio exercise or else I will get fat.I do like to be tight, toned and sexy but really, I HAVE to workout in order to maintain a healthy weight.

And make no mistake about it. I need yoga in my life. It resets my spirit, revitalizes my body and makes me feel younger.

So I am not about doing any of this for show. But what I am saying is that I get shocked at the difference in what I am thinking about and the people of Haiti and other places like that...or other families for there are hungry people in the Western world, too.

I write this because it is time for Americans in particular to stop being so darn shallow in what we focus on. I look at the tabloids and wonder, "Who gives a rats ass about who is sleeping with who and who is getting a divorce or who looks better in a particular outfit."

That kind of stuff is fun. I don't really have a problem with it but DAG! What about bigger issues? If we focused on some of the bigger issues then others would not get in such dire straights.

And then I think about how many people lack purpose. How many people are wandering around trying to figure out what they are supposed to do? Well if you accept that your purpose is to make a positive difference using the gifts that you have then everyone could find a way to be on purpose.

So many say that they have no gifts. That is bull crap! To walk, breathe, talk, move your fingers is a gift. So walk to an old person's house and talk to them and clean up for them. THAT IS SUCH A GIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time is a gift. How many children need someone to spend TIME with them? Just loving that child by being present in the moment is a gift.

It is PAST time for us to do something to help the greater cause. I am not asking that we take on huge monumental tasks. That is best done in a group setting anyway. But what I am saying is that if we take a moment to realize how good our lives are then so much more would get done because we would be looking beyond just our small space called our life.

We will then begin to see the interconnectedness of us all. I believe in the One Divine Power called God by many. Whatever name you use we all know this one thing, that GOD IS EVERYWHERE, IN ALL THINGS, PLACES AND PEOPLE. And for this reason, we are all connected through this Divine Presence.

To only focus on your life is to miss the fullness of YOU! The fullness of CREATION!

The fullness of GOD/The GREAT MOTHER!

I encourage us all to seek DAILY to make a difference. If your job is crappy, make a difference anyway!

If your spouse is mean, make a difference anyway!

If your neighborhood is the worst, make a difference anyway.

If your nail breaks and your hose run...if you have on two wrong shades of blue if your belly is fat and your team lost the playoffs, MAKE A DIFFERENCE ANYWAY!

Do not let this Western culture make you miss out on the greatest mission ever: Realizing who you are in God and fulfilling your purpose, your mission of making a difference.


"I seek to make a positive difference everywhere I go. I will not squander the gift called life and instead I shall maximize every bit of Life Force energy in me to let people know the power of love and good that is always present in this world."

Ase! Amen!