Step Out of the Unknown Box That You Are In

The hardest part about stepping out of the box in your mind is even realizing that there is a box around your consciousness in the first place.

That is what i see is a problem with many humans. We don't realize that we are living in a limited way. We will strive hard to comply with societal and human and family rules, mores and standards even if it means that we will be unhappy.

Day in and day out I see unhappy people who are doing things the "right" way according to their culture but doing it all wrong in terms of being true to their heart's desire.

It is important to daily examine why you do what you do. If you live the way, act the way and believe the way you do based on your own internal personal guidance, then great, keep living fully in that way.

But if you find that you are engaged in thoughts, behaviors and environments that do not line up with the truth of who you are, if you are feeling sad, depressed or angry most of the time, if life seems like it is not going your way, then maybe you need to take pause to determine what you need to release in order to embrace the joy of life.

We are supposed to be happy and walk in well-being. The choice and responsibility is ours to do something if this is not our truth.

Step out of your box. Free your mind. And then step out of the next box. Free your mind yet again. And then do that again, and again and how free and happy you get.


Goddess Guru

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