Goddess Note: Self-Realization...May we all have this Orgasmic Experience of Awakening to the Goddess within

I have just finished blessing my head. As I have done so I stand very present in the moment. My consciousness is very expanded. I feel like I am on the outside looking in.

I feel myself as a soul having an experience as a black woman named Tirra. I don't feel myself as Tirra but I feel that I am experiencing the role that I am playing called "Tirra".

The example that I thought about is when I go to cub scouts I am a den leader. I operate as a den leader but that is not my identity. I am merely serving in that way.

That is how I feel. I know myself as this expanded consciousness that has stepped into the body called Tirra and I am doing what Tirra does.

Talk about transcending identity! I feel like I am realizing that I am merely in this body to come into this physical reality to play.

Life is not supposed to be so serious. When I serve as den leader I have fun. I go out of my way to make sure that I follow scouting protocol but mostly I go out of my way to have fun with my tiger scouts.

So funny...but I did not even want to be a den leader and now I absolutely love it.

It's sorta like life. Even recently I have felt like I wish I was outta here but now...hmmmmmm...not so much.

I think I will stick around to see what kind of fun I shall have. I feel so free.