Goddess Note: In this year consider following CYCLES instead of the Calendar

I am beginning to better understand a new paradigm of time that is unfolding for me. I have decided that there is no need for me to think about 2011 as a 12 month time period at the end of which, I will have accomplished some goals.

This year I have decided that the start to finish of 2011 is RIGHT NOW. The ONLY MOMENT THAT I EVER EXPERIENCE IS RIGHT NOW! I may remember and reflect on what has happened in my past and I may even anticipate what will happen in my future but both of these ponderings happen NOW.

One of my favorite teachers, David Cameron Gikandi, taught me that there is only the eternal moment of now.

But for many years I have stuck with using the calendar as a time gauge and living according to it because I was unsure of how I would move forward if I did not set some type of goal according to a time line.

Last night I think that I was shown a more effective paradigm. I take issue with the Gregorian/Julian calendar that I have used all of my life because it is man made. To be honest with you I don't knock it as it takes some real knowledge to create such a masterful work of art.

But I do not know how accurate it is for me. So for instance at the end of 2009 there were some goals that I did not achieve. I had a choice. I could feel bad that I did not manifest my goals or I could decide that the calendar year has little to with how I am progressing toward my intentions.

So I simply took my 2009 vision board and changed the "2009" to "2010" and put a few more goals on there that I had come up with for myself. The same thing has happened now. I I looked at my vision board and realized that I am actually making progress. It has less to do with the time passing and more with me setting my intentions for manifestation, writing them down and keeping them at the top of my awareness.

As I have approached this 2011 calendar year I have felt confusion about what I really want this time to be about for me. I am actually getting a bit more simple in my life's goals. What I want most is to live in the present moment. There is so much peace, joy, and goodness when I focus on what is right now. So for me 2011 and forever is about maximizing RIGHT NOW: This eternal moment of now.

BUT there is a way for me to operate that does not involve days but instead CYCLES.

Last night I heard my ancestors say to me that the better way to live is according to cycles. There are the seasons. Each season in nature has its place and is an auspicious time to do certain things. The calendar that so many of us use is excellent for keeping up with the seasons.

But a way for me to maximize each moment and to have a guide and a gauge for setting and achieving goals is to live according to cycles.

Now there are so many cycles that we can follow. I have my own personal Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall. Also, there is the lunar cycle. Many people follow the cycles of the planets. There is even cycles embedded in each day as the sun rises, peaks and sets.

There are lots of cycles that we can use to conceive, gestate, birth and then clear in our lives.

I write this to share this option with others who are seeking a different and possibly more effective way to manifest their goals and desires.

There is nothing wrong or bad about following the calendar year. I think that the calendar has a great place in our lives. I just want everyone to know that the calendar does not dictate much of anything to us about us. It has less to do with how we are doing in our lives than we think.

The new year for many of us begins in January, the beginning of winter. This is actually a season where we need to get quiet and clear about what we want to plant in the spring and then manifest in the summer and early fall.

This is also a good time to take stock on what is working and not working in your life so that you can tweak how you operate in your life for the better.

So if you are feeling a bit sluggish and already lax about your goals, do not fret. Simply take some time to take stock of your life, to decide what you want to achieve over the next few months, years, etc and then be ready to get to work in Spring.

You may be in a space where now is the time for you to work. That is fine, too. My point is that you have to tune into yourself and determine which cycle you are in are maybe have been in too long. That is important, too. We need to make sure that we REGULARLY cycle through the cycles to maintain balance.

So here is an option to assist you along the way. I give thanks to my Ancestors for consistently teaching me.

Tirra-Olufemi www.goddess-body-mind-spirit.com