GODDESS NOTE: Harmony vs External Tools- Don't underestimate its Power to help you

I am beginning to better understand harmony and its importance. As I do so I realized how much this divine quality and spiritual tools is minimized and neglected.

This morning I am thinking about using herbs and crystals. Before I used them out of desperation. My health was bad or my mood was sour. So I used these well known remedies to help me feel better.

Recently I was sitting in the metaphysical bookstore and listened to people who would come in looking for a particular crystal. It was then that I realized that so many need crystals to assist them with bringing themselves back into harmony with their true nature.

I have learned that our true nature is peace. This is the true nature of the Divine Source from which all of us emanate.

As life happens, as we become conditioned by our cultures and experiences many of us lose our center. For most it is a slow process and for some it happens instantly due to traumatic experiences. But the effect is the same. We are no longer in harmony with our divine nature.

Since I am new to pondering this subject I am not sure what makes us seek our center again. For a long time I did not even know that I was off center. Maybe it is the pain that we feel inside or it is the desire for more favorable results in our lives that makes us seek something, someone, anything to help us feel right.

This is where herbs and crystals and spells and rituals and yoga and spiritual practices come in. Essentially they are all for the expressed purpose of helping us get back to our center OR to remain in alignment with the Divine Laws of the Universe.

A mistake that I see and have made is thinking that using an external object, person or environment can fix the problem. It was as if I became dependent on these objects to do the work that I needed to do in order to address the root cause of my harmonic imbalance.

Truth is that an object outside of you an only do so much. An activity or a ritual by itself can only do so much.

If you don't truly bring your body, mind and soul in harmony with the Divine through an inner transformation, then essentially you are doomed to have to depend on crystals and herbs. They are good. They are divine. They do what they are supposed to do and there is the spirit of the Divine in herbs and crystals.

But I think it is somewhat abusive to not take responsibility for your own transformation so that then these are tools used to boost your power instead of depending on them as if they are some sort of drug.

When are we going stop looking for quick fixes only? We need them but the ULTIMATE fix is choosing to harmonize YOU and to be in harmony with Divine Law for doing so will center us in peace.

The quality of HARMONY is so important for inner peace and balance. If we choose harmony with the the Divine then there will be harmony in our life in our being. Choose harmony and watch all of the parts of you create a beautiful song called life.