Goddess Note: Cultivate the Garden of Your Mind

On a video that I have been viewing Bob Proctor has been talking about sewing seed and reaping harvest. Mayan Oracle archetype, Kan, states that I am the fertile ground in which I place the seed of my intention.

My inner landscape has been somewhat barren and unhealthy due to the fact that the food that I have been feeding the garden of my mind and soul has been mostly negative and based in the lies of the world.

The food that I have used to nourish my soul has been based on the sands of this 3rd dimension of reality, this physical level of consciousness.

I have been going through and pulling weeds from my mind. As a matter of fact I have done a complete overhaul of my inner landscape called my mind and consciousness.

I scrapped all that I believed to be true and have started from scratch. The soil in the garden of my mind is largely neutral right now. It is so neutral that I find that sometimes weeds pop up again but then on any given day something of value like a flower will rise through the soil.

This morning as I listened to Bob Proctor on this video that I have listened to many times now I thought about how the more I continue to listen to words that are positive and steeped in truth, then these words and their vibration are now becoming fertilizer for the garden of my mind.

I have been feeling very off center this morning and it is not until I wrote about feeling neutral in this writing that I realized why I have been feeling like I am having a crisis of the soul.

But the more I listen to people who speak truth, positivity and life into me the more I can feel goodness and prosperity and abundance of all good things but especially peace rising in my awareness.

For so long I have focused on getting a harvest without realizing that there must be proper seed planted, that the seed must be nurtured with truth and that it is all about keeping my inner landscape healthy so that the divine wisdom that powers manifestation can do its thang and bring forth the harvest.

I have heard one of my favorite gurus speak about theoculture. I don't exactly remember his definition but I am thinking about his concept as I write this.

Just like agriculturist must understand how to work the land, all of us, which are divine in nature, must understand how to work the land within called our soul and mind.

So that is what I am now. I am a theoculturist who is excitedly working in the garden of my mind and soul. I am excited about digging my spiritual fingers into the soil of my soul.

I am excited about deciding which seeds of intention I shall plant in my soul. I think that I shall choose pink and red flowers of love, the mighty and expansive tree of compassion and the green grass of peace.

I give thanks for realizing this morning that this fertilization of my mind through listening and reading and meditating on words of wisdom is in fact necessary for me to begin to live life by design and on purpose.

If you feel like it is taking you too long to see that which you desire just continue to fertilize your mind and soul. Continue to pull out the weeds called the lie of the world. Choose positive seeds of intention knowing that YOU are the fertile ground in which the wisdom and power of the Divine will grow them.

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