Market Place Wisdom for the Manifesting Soul

Check back regularly for the wisdom of Osun regarding manifesting. As I receive the wisdom I will post it here with the hopes that you can use it to realize yourself as the master creatrix/creator that you are.

May 5, 2011

This morning a revelation came to me regarding prosperity and abundance. I was told by the Egungun/Ancestors a few years back in my Keys to the Kingdom class that I needed to study my ancestors in order to understand my blockages and how to overcome them regarding prosperity and abundance.

What I remember is that they told me that my ancestors were not poor pitiful people. They told me that my ancestors were highly evolved souls who CHOSE to come and experience the human trafficing of millions of Africans by Europeans.

They told me that many of us African Americans were lazy and really missing the point of who and what the ancestors are. They said that we need to operate with good character and to live as fully as we can to honor the price paid for us by our ancestors.

So fast forward to today. I have been watching Black in Latin America on PBS and realizing more and more how much the world consciousness is shaped by the human trafficing of Africans. Everyone thinks they are better than the dark brown people of the world. And the dark brown people of the world have even fallen prey to this erroneous belief.

What I am seeing is just how POWERFUL we are in order to survive human trafficing and slavery on such a large scale.

Presently, I am dealing with the notion of lack of self-worth. it is becoming more and more apparent to me that I lack self-worth and this is a major huge obstacle to my receiving more financial abundance in my life.

This morning as I did my spiritual work, I had a conversation with the ancestors, my guides, Yemoja and my Ori (my inner divine spirit) regarding my need for their help financially. I told them that I seek to owe no one any money. I want to pay back all of the money that I have borrowed.

I also told them that a good start would be to get the money for this group fitness instructor insurance that I need to buy. I said that I was open to getting the money however they gave it to me but I just wanted to pay cash and not charge it.

How about I get a message several hours later from my employer stating that I didn't need to get the insurance after all because they were keeping us all as employees. I was SO IN SHOCK!! I AM SO WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWED by this!That was speed for real!

I am so excited!!! I am so appreciative and grateful!

I write this here because someone else will need to read may even be me!

In Light and Love


HOW TO MANIFEST WHAT YOU DESIRE: No rules according to the universe .. you provide the feelings of having it now and the universe will respond

Why are we in this physical realm of consciousness?

"Our purpose for being in this level of consciousness called the physical realm is so that we can create. We have come here to be powerful creators and masterful at intentionality.

"The ultimate goal is to reveal the highest truth in our creations: there is the one Divine Source Energy, the Great Mother/Father Principle of which we are all a part and divinely expressing through ourselves.

"As our works express the Divine, we increase our own conscious connection with it and give others opportunities to do the same."


Knowing what M.O.N.E.Y. is: A major step toward manifesting more of it.

July 25, 2009

A revelation that I am having as of late is that part of the reason people have problems manifesting a life of abundance is that we lack proper understanding of what money is.

I have learned that we have given money too much power and lack proper relationship with it.

This morning I was reading "The Abundance Book" by John Randolph Price where he explains the following:

M.O.N.E.Y. stands for:

M y

O wn

N atural

E nergy

Y ield

He writes the following:

"What does MY mean? It relates to me or myself as a possessor of something.

What about OWN? It means belonging to oneself.

And NATURAL? It means God-given, genuine, normal, an essential essence.

ENERGY? The word was first coined by Aristotle to express the concept of "vigor of expression." The Mystery School in Alexandria then began using the word to describe "cosmic forces"-the Power and Force of Omnipotence, that which we are individualized. Each one of us is he very Energy of the Universe personified.

And Yield? It's defined as harvest, return, payment, i.e. to bring something forth as a result of cultivation or as a return from investment.

With the above understanding, let's now describe money this way: "Money is my very essence, which when properly expressed, returns to me as an all sufficiency of legal tender, to be used in exchange for goods and services."

First of all, this quote speaks to the need to transform our thoughts about what money really is. If we believe that it is paper, then that will create one type of relationship with money.

If we believe that money is an expression of our own energetic field, then we get a totally different relationship with money.

Second, for me so much of how i relate to money has to do with me knowing who I am and why I am in this physical realm of consciousness.

The Divine design is that we live in a beneficient and benevolent Universe always conspiring in our favor. BY DESIGN all our needs and desires are met by the Universal Source of All which is limitless in supply.

As long as we keep this truth in tact and operate from here, then we will never know lack.

BUT so many of us are taught that a job or our spouse and/or parents or the government,etc...are the sources of our money.

This untruth is the cause of our money problems. Our error in thinking and beliefs has led us to debt financially as well as in our bodies, minds and souls.

Understand the truth of money and of you and you shall create so much abundance that you have to share it.


July 27, 2009

Abundance and Lack are Mutually Exclusive

"To acknowledge lack is to simultaneously ignore God/The Great Mother. You cannot acknowledge lack and have your mind on the Divine at the same time. The Divine Source of All only exists in an abundant state. The key to abundant living is for us to align all of our consciousness with that of God/The Great Mother."