Yoga is Yoga is Yoga and it is ALL GOOD YOGA!

A little yoga, a lot of is all good!

Why yoga is a process?

Initially yoga was very external for me. I had heard that this ancient spiritual art form was good for the physical and spiritual bodies so I attempted to "do" it.

There was enough internal calling inside my soul because I actually did engage in doing yoga. I could feel the benefit but it was not always my favorite activity to do.

As time has moved on yoga has still been a largely externally motivated practice for me. I can see how so many people are just "doing" yoga. It is very different from the busy lifestyle that we are used to so we just "do" it and check it off of our lists as done.

But I am now at a place where I don't care why people do yoga.

  • Do yoga only for the physical benefits.
  • Do yoga to be eco-or spiritually chic.
  • Do yoga because you dig the philosophy.
  • Do yoga because you were raised in a family that lives the yogic philosophy and it is what you have done all of your life.
  • It matters not to me because I am now in a new understanding of yoga. It is a process. And though initially we may be externally motivated, "doing yoga" is still beneficial.

    I remember buying a book of stretches. It was hatha yoga no doubt but made to be acceptable to anyone. No yogic philosophy though I could tell that the people in the pictures were certified, bona fide yogis and yoginis.

    When I did those stretches in my very deep lack of knowledge of yoga at the time, I became super flexible. I didn't even know how flexible I was but everyone in my dance class would ask how I could stretch so deeply for so long. I told them that I did what was in that book of stretches. I was clueless of the yogic philosophy but dag I had a true key to health in flexibility.

    As time moved on I decided to look into the yogic philosophy. I have studied Yoga out of India and Yoga out of Egypt. Over a number of years, I began to hear teachings as I did the moves. I began to understand that yoga is a path to enlightenment for me. This is when the drive to do yoga became more internal.

    Only recently, which is just in the last few weeks...LOL...I have now moved into a new relationship with Yoga. One day I started my yoga practice and I heard, "Yoga is not something that you do; it is how you live. Yoga is a lifestyle." I felt energized and charged. In that moment yoga became a science to living for me and now my drive to do yoga has nothing to do with anything outside of myself. I engage in my yoga practice because it envigorates and enlivens me body, mind and soul.

    And because of my journey into this new way of understanding yoga, I realize that any yoga is good yoga. A little is better than none. If a person continues to do yoga, even if it is off and on, there is benefit. And maybe for some there will be a progression to these deeper relationships with this philosophy and science.

    In the end it is all good.