The Divine Mother is Faithful!

November 23, 2007

"She who started a good work in us is faithful to finish it."

I love this quote. I have adapted it by beginning the sentence with "She." teehee...I can't help it. I am a daughter of the Goddess. However, this quote was orignally spoken by Paul in the Bible.

I was reviewing my lunar journal from June and saw that I wrote this quote because it struck me then as it has now.

What I take from this each time I hear it is that whatever the purpose is for my life, was not started by me. It was begun by the Great Mother Herself.

And though I don't all the time think I can do what it is that I am called to do...or even if I WILL do it, I have help. I have the help of the One who begun it in the first place...The Divine Mother, Source Energy, Creatrix.

All I need to do is go with Her flow. She is faithful to finish what She started in me. There are no worries because when we talk faith that means "And it is so." In Ifa we say "Ashe!"

This quote also helps me to realize that I am not just some menial individual who hopes to one day be acknowledged by the Great One.

Oh, no. Quite contrary to that is the fact that the Great Mother is very much connected to my life, my purpose, my reason for walking in this physical plane. She IS the reason that I have a purpose in the first place and I walk in Her energy each moment as this Divine plan called my life unfolds.

The Great Mother will finish the good work She started in you, too. At this full moon...feel this work completed. Feel the love of The Mother.

Ase! (And it is so!)


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