Abundance and Service...beautiful lessons learned from my Solstice fast...

December 22, 2007

It is the Winter Solstice and as I wind down this fast I am so filled and overwhelmed by all that has happened in this short three week period.

This has not been a blissful fast for me. The first week I was too busy. The second week my cousins' tragic death occurred. And the last week I was as sick as I have been in over 10 years.

But I am not surprised because the oracle spoke this. I simply did not listen. But on this day, I listen.

A huge message that I am hearing relates to the perception of lack in this world. My cousins' tragic death and the sorrow of the relatives left behind remind me of all the people in the world who feel emptiness in some way. As I expand my perception, I hear so many cries in this world of lack and sorrow.

My sickness very keenly brought to my awareness that there are so many who ail in their bodies day in and day out. I have so much feeling for people who do not know a day of feeling good in their bodies.

It also helped me to realize how much I take for granted. Lack of health creates a different reality.

And then I think about the Great Mother, God, Source Energy and I know that the truth is that there is only abundance and well-being.

So one of the lessons that I will leave this fast with is that where I perceive lack in any way in my life, I will allow love to fill the void. Love is how I experience the abundance of the Universe.

But ultimately, I desire to not perceive lack at all. The truth is that THERE IS NO LACK!

It seems like at every turn there was some form of lack during these three weeks: lack of time, grief and sorrow, lack of health.

I just could not get over how huge these lessons seemed to be. But LIVING TRUTH is what my main spiritual goal for 2008 will be as a result of this lesson.

With grace and ease I continue to peel away the layers of conditionings...

The next lesson that culminates this fast for me is that my main goal is to be of service to all of humanity.

When I completed my initiation as a priestess, I realized more than ever that this responsibility was about serving others.

I accept that in all things, my greatest success will come from helping others. I have noticed that since I started feeling better, I look for people who look like they don't feel well and I go out of my way to say hello and tell them that I am happy that I met them.

It is all so simple.

I wind down this fast and this holy time in gratitude for all of you who have joined me and supported me in so many ways. I hope that some of you will share with me how your fast/Solstice went and the insights you gained.

To all of you I wish you a cool Winter Solstice. Allow the energy of The Mother to enfold you as you incubate in the Cosmic Womb ready to emerge as the Rainbow Butterfly, the Gods and Goddesses, that you are.

In Love I Wish You Well,

Tyra Olufemi

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