Faith...Moving into a deeper experience of this Goddess Quality

December 4, 2007

I have awakened feeling way more centered. I have awakened pondering faith. For 1 year I have been seeking to experience more faith in the The Great Mother.

When I think about what faith is, I think I can explain it, which is not a good answer because I have been working on this for almost a year now. Shouldn't I know what faith is by now?

I have picked up what I consider to be my dictionary for spiritual terms...One Day My Soul Just Opened Up by Iyanla Vanzant. After reading her explanation of faith, I am amazed.

First of all she writes that faith is knowing based on truth. Okay. Truth. This is Maat, one of the energies with which we are working with during this fast. Maat says to "LIVE TRUTH!"

We know that truth is spiritual law, which is unchanging and works everytime for everyone. It is using these spiritual laws and principles that govern how the world we live in operates.

Iyanla writes "that faith is the result of your knowledge and unwavering belief in the perfect operation of spiritual laws. When you know and understand the laws of the spiritual universe, you have faith that they will work on your behalf. When you do not know spiritual law, you place your faith in the belief that something or someone can cause something to happen or keep it from happening."

This explanation has made my understanding of faith a little deeper and is giving me something to work with. As a result I am now in the midst of studying various laws of the Universe.

Something else that I like from Iyanla's words is that we all have faith. It is not about getting more faith. It is about looking at where we place our faith.

Many of us KNOW that Christmas is Dec 25. We know that we will awaken in the morning and that our bathroom will be down the hall on the left. We just know these things. This is faith.

What I seek to do for the rest of the fast is to see where I place my unwaivering faith. For instance, when I sat down to write this piece, there was no doubt in my mind whatsoever that my chair would hold me.

As I type there is no doubt that my fingers will move exactly as I need them and the words will appear on the screen.

My question for myself is do I have this same faith in The Great Mother/God/Source Energy? Do I KNOW without a doubt that everything in my life IS taken care of?

What I seek to do is to take the success that I have had at being faithful in other things and parlay it to the bigger picture of my life. I seek to walk in faith in The Great Mother despite what the facts are showing me.

This is a radical shift for me. I have experienced those faith-filled moments of knowing. But for each and every step I take to be one of faith?...whew. I have been known to be a worry-wart!

But I am excited at dying to that former title and basing my entire life on my knowingness and complete and utter belief in the laws of the Universe.

My friend Adeeb suggested that it is better to consciously exercise one's faith on a regular basis so that operating from that place is a natural way of being.

The example he used is that faith is like a muscle. It must be used regularly so that it will grow and get stronger. I love that. I prefer to learn in non-stressful situations. I can rise to any occasion but why wait for desparate times in order to benefit from something as wonderful as faith?

Truly I look forward to this new journey.



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