Fall Fast 2011: Abundance, Health and Balance are Yours

September 1-23, 2011

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Peace to you all! With the Fall Equinox Fast it is yet again time to bring ourselves into energetic alignment with the cycles of the Universe by fasting at the change of season.

When we fast at these times, it allows us to optimize the energy of the change in season in order to optimize the flow of our lives.

The fast will occur from September 1-23, 2011. This is custom tailored so feel free to fast the entire span of the fast or for any part of it that you so feel led.

Remember that the last 4 days of the fast will be the most auspicious time to work with the energy of transitioning from Summer to Autumn. So if you fast for a shorter time, be sure to include those days.

You also decide how your fast will look. You can radically change your diet. You can fast from one food or beverage that you need to give up for a while or for good.

However, you can also fast from a problematic thought, emotion or spiritual issue. It is important to seek health in all of these parts of ourselves so that we can have balance.

So you can also fast from an emotion or a relationship or a particular behavior. The key is to create a space for you to do spiritual healing and growth work. This is a time for you to go within in order to evolve and take yourself to the next level. This year I have found that making youtube videos are a bit more effective for me to do readings. So here are three youtube videos to help you during the Fall Equinox as well as the Fall Season.

Fall Fast 2010 Insights to Consider at This Time: Transform Youself through Self-Mastery

*I leave the info below in case it helps someone. I read it and thought that it looked interesting enough to keep last year's reading attached. Hope it helps someone.



We are now going into the season of FALL. In the natural physical world, there are so many changes that are occurring. The temperature is beginning to decrease in certain parts of the Northern Hemisphere and the days are getting shorter.

Pretty soon many of us will see the leaves change color as the trees begin to go into conservation mode for the winter.

The wind. That is an element that we are all familiar with as we think about autumn. The wind is embodied in the goddess, OYA. Oya is known for Her winds of change.

What changes do we need to make in our lives? What changes do we need to make in our thinking, our consciousness? Change is the spice of life and quite frankly the only reality. Nothing ever stays the same, even when we think that it does. Trust me, nothing every really stays the same...except the Divine.

But in this physical reality, everything is up for transformation.

What is transformation all about really? We talk about being transformed but why?

For me this life is all about Self-Realization. I seek to know who and what I am and as I do then I am better able to walk out my destiny with grace and ease.

This Fall Fast is dedicated to transformation with the expressed purpose of Self-Realization.

One aspect of Self-realization is self-mastery. We often seek to master a subject or an activity and even people. But how many of us seek to master ourselves?

I have been taught by one of my primary gurus, Baba Koleoso Karade, four keys to self-mastery: Devotion, Awareness, Ritual and Faith.

So many people say that spirituality is actually simple and I have to say that I agree though it does not always feel simple.

But these fours simple keys to self-mastery have led me to a place where I do feel like I am mastering who and what I really am though there are many, many levels for me to master.

Take time during this fast to look at one area of your life that you need to master. You know that area that you spend year after year and dollar after dollar either trying to fix or keep in place.

Yes, consider that area and apply the four keys.

I recommend that you start with a belief as our behaviors always stem from our beliefs. What is a limiting belief that you hold in your consciousness?

DEVOTION: How devoted are you to the belief? How devoted are you to transforming the belief? Just be honest with yourself as honesty will get you the greater benefit.

We always have to ask ourselves what we are devoted to in order to determine how we are going to spend our time.

There is no judgment of what you are devoted to but the question is how is that working for you?

AWARENESS: Of what are you aware or not aware? Begin to walk in the present moment to determine how your limiting belief is playing out in your life. I am realizing more and more how little we realize the programming by which we operate.

I get astonished when one day I become aware of a conditioning that I did not realize that I had. The clues where there that I had an issue but I am not fully aware it.

During this time walk aware by staying fully present in the moment and OBSERVE yourself. WHY DO YOU DO WHAT YOU DO? Is your behavior led by your inner guidance or your worldly conditionings/programming?

Take time during this fast to connect with the OMNISCIENCE, the divine wisdom innate in everything. In every problem is the solution. If you ask a question the Universe will provide an answer. Connect with the healing energy and power of your body.

This is a time to become more aware of the wisdom and the power of the Universe which is in all of us if only we allow it.

RITUAL: We all need rituals in our lives. We all need sacred practices that keep us connected to the divine presence within each of us that is each of us.

Ritual can also be used to help transform a belief or a behavior that is causing us problems. During this time one of the best rituals to engage is that of sacrifice.

What are you willing to sacrifice in order to get your break through?

  • Are you willing to sacrifice your attachment to your superstar made up self?
  • Are you willing to release your depression or your or your anger?
  • Are you willing to release problematic relationships?
  • Are you willing to sacrifice activities that have NOTHING to do with your destiny?
  • How many of us are willing to sacrifice FEAR?
  • Sacrifice. Many people hear about sacrifice but we know nothing about its real power. Many are struggling to stand in their power not realizing that the real power is in the sacrifice...giving up something of value in order for the greater gain.

    I remember giving sacrifice once. It was rings that I wore. One had belonged to my mother and one to my grandmother. It was not so much the rings that needed to be sacrificed as much as my attachment to my mother and grandmother.

    I needed to be more attached to the Great Mother, the Divine within me more than souls who had once lived as humans. My attachments to my Ancestral Mothers needed to be put in its proper perspective.

    The only problem is the call for the sacrifice of the rings came at a moment of extreme insecurity. Basically I was told to stop wearing the rings. I went off to say the least.

    I cried and screamed because I realized fully what I was being asked to do. I was being asked to stop being attached to my mother's and grandmother's life stories and to me feeling like my life was not right without them being here.

    I gave up the rings begrudgingly but after a while I was appreciative of the sacrifice that I made as it did usher me into a deeper relationship with my own Higher Self.

    There are numerous rituals in which you can engage, sacrifice is a suggestion for the fast season.

    FAITH: Faith is a key that I set out on a journey to better understand. DAG!It turned out to be a journey that I wished I had not set sell on.

    Here are journals that I wrote about the lessons on my journey to understanding FAITH.

    Faith...Moving into a deeper experience of this Goddess Quality


    Understanding Faith in the Midst of Tragedy

    What I know is this. We all have faith. No one has more faith than the other.

    The difference is what are we putting our faith in. Really think about that as you ponder your limiting belief. If your faith is in a limited belief, then you can only have an experience that extends as far as that limiting belief.

    Faith is certainty. Most of us feel certain that we will walk, we will walk into our home and it be arranged a certain way. Many of us put our faith in getting a paycheck after working a certain amount of hours.

    What we are called to do is to see how far we can extend our faith. Certainty of the Divine laws and principles will land us in a place of limitless expansion.

    With faith we are able to break out of any box due to a limited belief and step into a new and expanded way of being.

    Faith will cause you to take a chance for life was meant to be lived fully and abundantly. Faith leads to abundance. I encourage you to seek to experience more abundance in your consciousness and walk in faith that this is indeed your reality MORE SO than the physical reality.

    Here ends the Fall Fast Reading. May your entry into fall be with grace and ease. May your fall be fun yet full of the remembrance of your greatness.

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    The Fall Equinox Fast is a form of spiritual fasting, which is a sure fire way to connect with your Inner Goddess! Find out more here!

    Past Fasting Journals

    September 4, 2009

    I don't know why I do these fasts anymore. It is just like with pregnancy for so many women. We get pregnant with all that goes with that, have the baby... the labor pains are kickass, the late nights are exhausting and the come back from a pregnant body is no joke.

    Then the baby gets bigger and what? We start to forget pregnancy and the early days. As the baby gets older we start feeling the urge to have another baby.

    So many of us will get pregnant again, we will even be excited, until we start feeling morning sickness and feel those labor pains and go back to the early days of caring for a little baby.

    I have heard women say time and time again: "What in the heck was I thinking? I totally forgot about all of this. All I could think about was getting a new little baby and forgot about how hard it is to start all over."

    That is me and fasting. I fast four times a year and at each interval, I am excited about fasting. But then the detox starts. And I say, "Why in the world am I doing this? This is hard!"

    That is where I stand this morning. These fasts are where I take away my quarterly crutches so that I can keep my relationship with my Self and Divine balanced, clear and first and foremost in my life.

    Soooooo...the tears flow, the emotions rise, the wrong thinking and mindset become very evident to me.

    BUT...I am knowing, like every mother knows, that it is all worth it in the end. My baby at the end of the fast is that I am just that much more open spiritually and more on point.

    I am becoming more and more clear that the more I keep my consciousness set on things above and not things below, the more that I seek enlightenment, spiritual liberation and self-realization, the happier I am, the less I am moved by the world and I am able to truly maximize my gift called life in the physical plane.

    So fasting is worth it. Detoxing is worth it. All of the removal of the crap that keeps me weighted down in the lie that I have told myself for so long...it is so freakin' worth it.

    I wish you a great fast. May you see the prize that awaits you in the end in order to stay in this fasting game.

    Peace and Love


    September 5, 2009

    I awoke this morning and prepared to teach my water aerobics class. I was just a huffing and a puffing thinking about having to go and teach class and thinking about all that I have to do. I was getting lost in my thoughts about having to clean the house when I heard: "What is the legacy of your Ancestors?"

    I thought about it. Well, many of them had no nicely air conditioned home with running water. They had to walk to where they wanted to go and did so joyfully... unlike me who was getting ready to get in my car and drive to my job.

    And the women...housework...what? There is no question. You do it and because that what you do. No need to whine and complain.


    So I realized something about myself that I have known for a while: I am LAZY! I am a WHINER! I miss how blessed I am because this lifestyle is the only reality that I have known.

    YIKES! I then shifted my energy, gave thanks for this fast and joyfully went and taught my class.

    I have missed the legacy of my Ancestors to a certain extent because of the luxury of modern day conveniences. It is my work ethic that needs addressing in my life.

    Can I and do I work hard? Sure. However, I know that I take for granted this easy life that I live. I take for granted that so many of my Ancestors and people around the world have NOTHING compared to my material acquisitions.

    I am in a place where I am raising myself out of my numbness to a place where I see the vibrancy of the world and realize that I am called to make a difference in my own way.

    I am feeling that there is no way in the world I can allow Those souls who incarnated before me to have done all that they did, whether they did a good job or not, and me not pick up their legacy and run with it.

    There is a shift taking place in my consciousness. I feel the energy of the Enlightened Ancestors flowing through my consciousness. It makes me stand taller and feel that much more enlightened.

    If it be that we need to transform a legacy of pain. Then let it be so. If it be that we come to pick up the legacy of greatness, then let it be so.

    The bottom line is that we need to make a choice. There is a legacy. What are you going to do with it? Those who are down the line from you are looking to you to ease the way for them. They say, "help us to see the legacy more easily. please do what you need to do. That way we live our purpose without getting lost in the lie of the physical world first."

    September 6, 2009

    I hope that during this fast when you feel the emotions rise that you let them come and then release them. I have been more cry-y lately and am a bit shocked. When I allow myself to be aware, I think, "Oh, something is needing to come out of me." So I get relaxed about the emotions, stop thinking that something is wrong and I release them.

    No matter what you feel don't stuff it. Find a way to release it. Do you need to address something awful that your mother said to you? Are you angry because you think your daddy was no good. Are you mad because your child died to soon? Do you have unforgiveness in you because of your spouse?

    What in the world are you so mad about? Why are you in despair? Sometimes if we don't ask the question then we just stay where we are. You have to ask the question in order to even get things moving.

    But in a fast situation it is not all the time bliss. Sometimes it is a big detox. YOur body hurts. Your mind becomes foggy. Your emotions become amplified.

    WHY? Because we decided to step up our game to do the work in order to get to our enlightenment, our buddhahood, our christ consciousness, our nirvana, our hetep.

    So be present with it all. It is the now-moment experience that allows us to choose moment by moment how we feel, think and live.

    Let the emotions come. It is all good!

    September 10, 2009

    Well, this fasting season, this season of release has left me in Oya's sweet space of surrender. I am so over all of the voices in my head that tell me how badly things are going to turn out. I am over trying to MAKE anything happen.

    I have no judgment of my life as good or bad. I have released myself from the need to make others happy.

    I have fallen in this place: I am who I am. Like me or not because the only opinion of me that matters is my own. Period.

    I am here also: So what? I give up. If Divine law is truth then let it be so. All I can do is go with that and do my part which is follow the freakin' yellow brick road called my Ori, Higher Self, Ganesha, Ausar, Holy Spirit.

    I don't feel numb; I feel present. I just feel. When negative thoughts and emotions arise I shrug my shoulders and say, "So what." and I go back to the task at hand.

    Surrender. Truly I give up. I look for the miracles but if they don't come, so what. It is all good either way.

    I stand at the door called spiritual death. Take me or leave me. You know when you are there it really doesn't matter. At death what can you do but relax into it?

    Can't even begin to say what all of this means. Just writing as a spiritual aspirant on my way to a more enlightened me.

    I write humbly just as I am. If you get something from this, then it is worth sharing. Otherwise, please excuse this spiritual self-talk.

    In Surrender