You are Invited to participate in the 2007 Fall Equinox Fast! Part 2

Heru+...What would this Fall Equinox Fast be without Heru?

Who is Heru? Heru is known in other traditions as Shango, Micha-El, Horus, Tipareth, Bhuvaneshvari and the Hawk (Native American). He is embodied in the energy the Sun and thunder.

Heru is telling us what to do during this fast in order to actually carry out what Het Heru is saying.

First and foremost, Heru is saying, "DO NOT OPERATE BASED ON EMOTIONS!" We looked at our emotions during our 2007 Spring Equinox Fast. What are emotions?

More than being bad or good our emotions provide information to us about how we are conditioned, how we are programmed.

There is actually some programming that is good. For instance, we may learn that a stove is hot and therefore we do not touch it based on that experience. We condition ourselves to avoid touching hot stoves. This kind of programming protects us.

However, many of us have conditionings that have been put into place based on past hurts, traumas, experiences and teachings from our family and greater community. Most people rarely operate from a place of internal knowing. They operate based on some past event, situation or teaching.

This kind of programming may have helped us to survive while in the situation that percipated it. However, as time goes on we continue with these behaviors never questioning them and usually experiencing some type of problem as a result.

So during this fast, Heru is calling you to resist operating from your problematic emotions. Heru is calling you into a deeper way of being by following your Higher Divine Inner Guidance.

Heru is speaking in the positive. So what this means is that the way is open for you to move to a place where you are able to see through the emotion and CHOOSE a different way.

This is the second thing that Heru is saying. He says that we have choices.

The best way to avoid operating based on emotion is to always remember that you have choices. LIFE IS A CHOICE! We are ALWAYS at choice.

So when you are in the midst of your emotionally charged experience, take a moment to consider what your choices are. Even if you decide to act based on the emotion, at least accept that it was your CHOICE!

It is not ever about, "I just could not help it." "They made me lose it!" "I can't stop myself."

The sooner we accept that it is all a choice...the way we look at the world, the way we experience the world, the way that we are....the sooner we will experience an abundance of peace, joy and harmony that seems to elude us.

Something that I get a strong sense will come up for many during the fast is addictions. You may be saying, "But I don't have an addiction. I don't use drugs and I don't drink or smoke."

You are right. There are many who are steeped in the midst of a drug and alcohol addiction. But addictions come in so many shapes and forms: gambling, shopping and sex to name some of the more popular ones.

But how about our addiction to emotions or people? How about our addictions to relationships? These are addictions that can keep caught up in a viciously destructive cycle and prove to be blockages to our spiritual growth.

These addictions are real and create a biochemical reaction within our bodies. The consciousness of our cells become programmed to desire these reactions so we create situation after situation after situation to get our fix.

My friends laugh at me when I say that I find myself needing a fear fix. Fear is an emotion that I have struggled with in the past and continue to do so.

When I began to approach my fear issues as an addiction, I could actually feel the biochemical process happening in my body.

So during the fast, take at least one recurring problematic emotion of yours and actually get in it while you are in the midst of feeling it. Note what sensations you are feeling in your body. You just may be amazed at how you actually feel like you NEED this emotion to feel right.

But, going back to choice...I have had addictions to overcome. When we are in the midst of an addiction, the addictive behavior feels so real and so compulsive. You literally feel like you have no other choice BUT to engage it or else it will consume you.

What I found to be true is that I had to decide that my addictions are choices. Deciding this led me to a place where I felt empowered. And when I did decide to engage in an addictive behavior, I did not fret because I accepted that doing so was a choice.

So examine your emotions or just one during this fast. Consider your addictions. Are they really addictions? Or are you choosing to engage in the behavior because there is some unhealing within you that needs attention?

What else does Heru say? He says that it is important that the will for your life is in alignment with the Divine's higher will for your life. Again, this goes back to following your inner urgings.

Let's take a moment to talk about our Divine makeup. Imagine that you are in a spacecraft on a mission. You are maneuvering this ship. You decide when you will move forward or backwards, stop and go. Essentially, you are the pilot.

Also, imagine that your spacecraft is actually online with a Mothership. Though you have command of this spacecraft, the Mothership is constantly monitoring it and feeding it information to keep the ship operational and on task for your mission.

Now picture in your mind the fact that you have no idea that your spacecraft is connected to the Mothership. At times you notice that when you decide to steer the craft to the east, it moves to the west instead. When you decide to go through a worm hole, the ship slows down and is not able to enter through.

This is how we are. Our personal will is analogous to our driving the spacecraft. Our Higher Self is the Mothership, which is always guiding and directing us if only we can get quiet enough to hear and listen.

So the goal for us is to KNOW that there is our Higher Guidance in operation in our lives and to actually bring ourselves into alignment with this higher wisdom.

So during the fast, get quiet and seek to bring what you want for your life in alignment with what God/Goddess wants for your life.

Heru is a fire deity. So you may need to work with the element of fire during the fast. Imagine that you are consumed in fire. Allow the fire to burn off any conditionings that contribute to blockages within.

Heru is also the energy of leadership. Consider where you need to take a greater leadership role in the various areas of your life.

Shango is the name for this energy in the Yoruba spiritual tradition. Shango is the energy of the drum. During the fast, connect with your primordial energy by playing drums, listening to them or dancing to rhythmic drum beats.

Allow the energy of drum music to take you within and at least momentarily allow you to transcend your conditionings.

Heru is masculine energy. This is the embodiment of masculinity. Heru is as masculine as Het Heru is feminine. During the fast seek to balance your masculine and feminine energies, your yin and yang.

Be sure to do the yogic Sun Salutation in order to optimize the energy of Heru within you. Using the Breath of Fire will also be highly beneficial in cleansing and energizing you in your body, mind and spirit.

So Heru is supporting us in going with the flow by realizing that we always have choices. Healing through our emotions will assist us with being able to more effectively and efficiently use the law of attraction.

And bring our personal will in alignment with the Higher Will for our lives will assist us in experiencing more joy.

This ends the reading for this fast. I pray that this time will be transformational for you as we begin to move into a quieter and slower energetic time in winter.

Energy Surrounding this reading: Seker Hetep

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