How to Master Your Emotions? I Will Bottom Line It For You Here.

In a recent writing I encouraged you to master your emotions by ignoring them. The question everyone has been asking me is: "How does one ignore an emotion?

When we desire to build muscle, often times we will workout with a set of weights.

If we decide that we need to lose weight or build stamina, then we begin to engage in cardiovascular exercise regularly.

Our spiritual constitution is no different. The bottom line is that we must engage in spiritual exercises in order to master our selves and to live the life that we desire.

I promote very few specific practices because each person's practice must be tailored to meet their personality, needs and purpose.

What I do promote is consistently engaging in your spiritual practices. I recommend that you engage in them DAILY!!!!

As a fitness instructor and enthusiast I have noticed that those who never break from their workout maintain their weight more easily AND overtime. Rarely do they have to make a come back because they have learned that it is better to just stick with their fitness regimen rather than starting over.

I have also noticed others who come very regularly for about 2-3 months and then break for about 4-6 months. When they come back they are at square one everytime.

Oftentimes they are even more out of shape than they were when they were at the beginning of their last exercise stint.

The same is true for spiritual exercise. I once heard a spiritual leader say that sometimes those he works with will come to him and say that they do not feel their spiritual practice is working for them.

He would then tell them, "Stop engaging in your spiritual practices for 6 months." Without fail the person would come back 6 months later feeling off center and their lives were in the pits.

Then he would tell them to resume their spiritual exercises and without fail their lives would come together.

For those who maintain their physical or spiritual fitness there is no magic. No one is lucky. There is no secret. There is only mindfulness of the spirit, nurturance of the soul and consistency.

So, how do we ignore our emotions? Engage in your spiritual practices. Doing so will allow you to be more aware of your internal state of being and help to keep you attuned to emotional states that are favorable.

I wish I had an easier answer and one with a lot more glitz and glamor but I don't.

Mastery of emotions= work your spiritual practices faithfully.