YIKES! This fast has me in a whirlwind but we still need to talk about a few things....

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Honestly, I am sometimes quite reserved regarding participating in these fasts.

It never fails that I get caught up in Oya's whirlwind! I get whisked away to sea as Yemoja's salt water purifies my soul. Only to land in the sweet, sweet spot of pure joy and positive manifestation that Osun speaks to daily.

So needless to say, I am steep into WORRY!

Why, oh WHY, did I pick worry? Of all of the emotions that I seek to ignore, I had to pick this one!

Over this last two weeks, I have been so worried. I have worried about everything from what to wear to what people are thinking about me to the future of my life.

What came to me one day is that, as I remember, worry is the very FIRST emotion that I utilized as a coping mechanism. It just maybe the negative emotion that is most ingrained in my consciousness...feeling like a victim might be a close second. But I ain't goin' there right now! LOL

So, worry has been brought to the forefront of my consciousness because I called it forth. So how has The Men Ab Meditation, which involves ignoring worry, been working for me? Effectively.

What I have to say is that I use Men Ab regularly. This is whatI have learned about it: you may have to ignore that ONE emotion ALOT!!!! FOR SEVERAL TIMES!!!!!!

But OVER TIME, the emotion loses power.

Let me now share with you what I have come to learn regarding how emotional addiction works.

What I know is that we are consciousness. It appears that we are physical beings but the physical is merely a level of consciousness.

The next point I wish to make to you is that our mind is a tool. In Achieving Your Goals Effortlessly by David Cameron Gikandi, he teaches that often times people mistake their minds for being their identity.

We are not our physical bodies and we are not our minds. Both are merely tools that we have been equipped with by the Divine in order to have an experience.

Lastly, thoughts come forth from the mind. We have thoughts flowing ALL DAY LONG! There is a constant stream of thoughts that come forth through the mind.

What ends up happening in many cases is that a thought will rise and we will grab hold of it! It may be a startling thought or a pleasant thought or even one that evokes fear.

Once we begin to focus on the thought and give energy to it through our emotional response, then we begin to set that thought and emotion just that much more steeply into our consciousness. Essentially, they become part of us.

Most people fail to understand that we don't have to do any thing with the thoughts. Just like a wave in the ocean, we can allow thoughts to rise and fall without giving any energy to them.

One of the most interesting points that I noted in What the Bleep Do We Knowis that the smallest unit of consciousness is the cell. So our constant emotional responses affect us even down to our cells.

Literally our cells get programmed to experience that emotional response, whether it feels bad or good, to the point that we will then begin to draw to us experiences that will elicit the habitual emotional response AND a biochemical release into the body. It is the biochemical release of hormones that we become addicted to.

Additionally, the neuropathways in our brains will begin to fire in favor of the most predominant emotional responses.

Conversely, if we rarely or never experience a particular emotional response, then those neuropathways get deprogrammed.

An example is anger. If anger is a predominant response, then the brain will create pathways that lead to anger and over time, these pathways become very strong.

If you rarely experience joy, then the neurons in the brains that were messed together as the joy pathway will break away from each other, even to the point where it is difficult to experience joy.

So this brings me back to the Men Ab meditation. How do we move past this problematic emotion?

Ignore it and then begin to reprogram your consciousness by choosing the emotional response that you desire.

This is what it boiled down to for me. It took me choosing to be highly aware and present in the now-moment to realize when I was choosing the problematic emotional response.

I would ignore it. Sometimes I woud even say to my cells, "I know that you want to be depressed but I am not going there with you today. We have a new way of operating which is peace and joy. That is our new emotional response."

Then I would go and do something that would cause me to laugh and have fun or feel good overall. It might be dancing or watching a funny Will Smith movie or reading a message where a friend wrote something nice to me about me.

Whatever it was, I indulged in it until I was able to shift the feelings in my body to a higher and happier place.

So to sum it up for now, remember that you are consciousness. You are not your body or your mind. Those are merely tools.

Thoughts come and go. The ones that gain the most power in your life experience are the ones that you focus on with the most intent.

Your cells are the smallest unit of consciousness, so in order to move past an emotional response, you have to make sure that you are infusing even the smallest parts of consciousness within you with the new way of operating.

Again, work that Men Ab meditation, Baby: There is power in NOT engaging in the problematic emotion. JUST IGNORE IT when you need an emotion fix!

There is so much more to talk about regarding moving past theseaddictions.

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