GOODESS WISDOM 4 U: Being Eco-Friendly is a Lifestyle Driven by Vision

Being Eco-Friendly is a lifestyle. I am realizing more and more how much I have to think ahead and plan some of my activities that involve improving and preserving our Earth Mother.

Using cloth shopping bags has proven to be one of the biggest adjustments that I have to make. My entire life I have gone to the grocery store, gotten out of the car, walked into the grocery store, shopped and then left with grocery bags provided by the store.

That pattern is now largely ingrained in my psyche. But I have made a commitment to use cloth shopping bags as evidenced by the enormous amount of bags that I own.

The problem is that I do not carry a purse where I can put the bags in it and have them there at all times even when I don't remember that I need shopping bags as I go into the store.

Also, I have to remember to bring the bags out of my home and leave them in my car so that I will have them when I go to the store.

I can't tell you how many times I have walked out of the grocery store carrying my items in my hands because I forgot my shopping bags and I refuse to buy new ones or to use the plastic bags.

What compells me to act in this way? I see the bigger picture. When we see the bigger picture of the impact of what we do today is in fact effecting everyone around the globe today and at least 7 generations to come after us, it will cause us to make taking care of our Earth top priority.

So for anyone who is struggling with being consistent in reducing, reusing and recycling, know that it is no different from making changes in your diet and exercise. You just have to keep tweaking what you are doing in order to make your eco-friendly behaviors second nature to you.

In this world of convenience and busy lifestyles, it is so easy to eat, live and operate in a world that is anti-environment. But if we choose to slow down a bit and remember that we have an environment that needs our loving-kindness and nurturing attention, then maybe we will begin to make choices that are in alignment with the bigger picture.

At the very least, do something everyday as an act of gratitude to The Divine for this Earth. It is imperative that we realize the blessings of the Earth. Being thankful is another way to make eco-friendly activities part of your lifestyle.