You are Invited to Participate in the 2010 Winter Solstice Fast!

December 19-21, 2010

Goddess Energy Surrounding this Winter Solstice Fast:


Energy Governing the Winter Solstice and Winter Season:

Sebek-, Heru-

In the Goddess tradition, winter is the season of Auset, Yemoja, Mother Mary, Lakshmi, Kwan Yin, and Gabri-El.

This is the time of going into the darkness of the womb in order to gestate our hearts' desires and to get more in alignment with our destiny.

Fall was the time to allow the winds of change to blow away the debris and clutter of our bodies minds and spirits. Now Winter is the time to return to the womb and to prepare for birthing and rebirthing our selves into a deeper understanding of who we are.

Most people have no idea why we incarnate into our bodies. We are born and then begin to live lives largely shaped by our culture and conditionings. Many of us are living life in a certain way but we don't really know why we are doing so.

The key is to understand that there is so much more to who we are and that is in fact the reason that we are here in this physical realm. We come to experience this magical realm as a way of getting to the deepest truth which is that we are all ONE. We are all expressions of the One Divine Consciousness so called God/Goddess.

So when we climb into the Womb of Winter, we really want to be in a place where we are not bringing in a bunch of junk from the past with us. We need to spend the solstice cleansing and purifying with the intent to go into the womb with as little mental, emotional, spiritual and physical debris as possible.

To do so we have to look at our belief systems. Right now the oracle is indicating that many of us are caught up in STINKIN' THINKIN'. There are some who are sour pusses. There are some who think less of their own self than they do anyone else. There are some who are quitters. Still others, whose ego feeds off stinking thinking, do a great job of spreading negativity so that others then begin to think negatively.

In addition to stinking thinking, the oracle is indicating that many of us are caught up in acting like we know a whole lot when really we know very little.

When Sebek speaks in the negative another indication is that our vision is too myopic. Myopic vision does in fact have its place. When it comes to visualizing the finer details of our dreams or when we are entering a contract reading the fine print, having myopic vision is great.

But when our vision is too myopic regarding who we are or in our understanding of the world, then we can only experience as much as our vision will allow. We are limitless beings but too many of us have a ceiling over our selves and have yet to understand the fullness of our power.

What is called for is for us to get real with ourselves. The animal totems for this fast and winter season are the HAWK and the COYOTE.

What the Hawk is calling for you to do is to stand at the center of your life and to review your programming. What is your programming? What part is working for you and what part needs to be updated through aligning it with Universal Truth: YOU ARE A LIMITLESS BEING WHO IS DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS INCARNATE.

You can't live limited personal truth and Universal Truth at the same time. What is needed is a greater awareness of what you believe and a determination of what to do if your belief system needs to be expanded.

Work with your ROOT CHAKRA. This is the chakra that speaks to the foundation of survival. It is important to revisit family history that may still have a negative impact on you. What is needed is that we all look at what our family and culture have taught us about ourselves and the world and seek to transcend dogma, lack and limitation.

Heru governs the heart. Anyone in the Goddess tradition will tell you that the Goddess Way is HEART CENTERED LIVING. So be sure to determine if you are following your heart or following what the world says that you should do.

Is your stinkin' thinkin' stopping you from gestating and birthing that dream? Have you stopped listening to your heart which will lead you to your destiny in order to play it safe?

NOW is the time to put away childish ways...not childish in a judgmental way but childish in the sense that when you were a child you may have picked up incorrect beliefs that are causing you problems now. So do away with limiting beliefs and expand yourself to experience more of who you are.

This is the time to be the leader. LEAD YOUR OWN SELF. BE THE SPIRITUAL LEADER OF YOUR PERSONAL MENTAL, EMOTIONAL AND PHYSICAL BODY TEMPLE. Follow your inner guide, your higher self with respect to what is best for you. If you are not sure then consult an oracle or use a pendulum to verify what you think you are hearing from your inner guide.

VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT OPERATE FROM EMOTION. Stop letting your emotions rule you. Again, BE THE LEADER AND CHOOSE HOW YOU RESPOND. As a matter of fact when you realize that you are always at choice, then there is really no need for emotion.

And remember that what you think about you bring about. Will power has nothing to do with brute strength. Will Power has to do with life force energy. What you plant on your consciousness is what will manifest into physical form. The power of the universe powers what you will, what you think about.

So seek to spend the Winter Solstice and Season consciously planting what you will for your life in the garden of your mind. Just make sure that what you will is in alignment with the highest will for your life.

Take this time to slow down. SO many of us stay busy in general but the winter is a time where we need to give ourselves permission to take a breather. Spring will be here before we know it and we will really have to get busy then.

RELAX. Take it easy. Stop getting so upset about everything. RELAX. Be sure to pay attention to the moon phases so as to align yourself with the cycles of the moon.

What is needed to ensure that you maximize this winter season is that you do an overhaul of your belief system, be a good manager of your self and live life by choice!

May this reading assist you on your way.


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