Peace Goddess-Body-Mind-Spirit.Com Community,

I write to you this week because I want to make sure that you all stay abreast of all of the postings that I make each week to this great web sanctuary.

One of the most important pieces that I post regularly is the weekly reading. Today I include the reading with the hopes that it helps you along your way this week.

May you walk in the awareness of how loved you are. Enjoy the reading and let me know know if you have questions by writing to me at

Reading Begins Here:

This week the energy governing the community is SEKERT HETEP.

What is coming to my mind is the energy of Kali Ma. Kali Ma is known in the Hindu community as the Terrible Mother. She can appear frightening to the eyes but truly represents a powerful energy that can help us burst through the veil of illusion to which so many of us fall prey.

This week is a time for you to finally die to some things. It is very interesting but Kali Ma's energy is embodied in the energy of the waning moon cycle. This week we are leading up to the Full Moon on Friday, October 22.

But what the oracle is suggesting is that this is a time to loose the trappings of the world so that you can make manifest your dreams, your intentions for this lunar cycle.

DIE TO THE OLD STUFF! Why are you holding on to that little piece of nothing instead of letting it go to make room for more of what you really desire in your life.

Kali Ma will help you with that. Though she comes through and destroys everything she really is a loving mother who will bestow boons of abundance and freedom to those who are willing to release their attachments to the lesser things in life.

This is a week to get in tune with your spiritual power. Most of us have no idea what spiritual power is. We are using such a small fraction of our spiritual power that we appear to be powerless.

Here is another interesting point: Most of us are AFRAID OF OUR OWN SPIRITUAL POWER. But it does not take much to experience your spiritual power. Humility is a spiritual power. For when you allow your ego to decrease, the power of the Divine will increase its presence in your awareness and in your life affairs.

When you chant a word of power or a positive passage of words over and over and over, the very power embedded in those words will open in your own beingness.

If you are in IFA and have ever had an Odu speak into your life, chant that Odu over and over and you will experience that Odu as living breathing energy.

Same for those of you who read the Bible or the Koran or The Torah or the Vedic Scriptures or any spiritual written word. When you repeat those words over and over and over the power faculty in your that matches those words will open.

This is why the Sages speak about the power of the tounge and how it can speak life into a thing or kill it.

This week watch your words. Make sure that your words are speaking life into you and those about whom you speak.

Instead of talking about small things, only allow words of positivity and power to flow from your speech.

This is a no nonsense week. There is much work to do and the best we can do is find join the work.

So work your spiritual practices and work them hard.

Here lately I have been moving myself back to Goddess Immersion. Basically, what that means is that I am highly focused upon Goddess energy almost to a point to where I can't get enough of focusing on this energy.

I have been studying about women saints in India which is one of the reasons that Kali Ma is so heavy on my mind. But I think that this is a time where EVERYONE needs to do more work with the Goddess Energy.

We all need more awareness of how the Divine Feminine works in our lives. Though Kali Ma is fierce, she is loving. If you surrender and allow her to cut away all of the crap in your life, she will also clear the way for you.

You may want to chant "CHAMUNDAYE KALI MA". This chant basically opens up the power of Kali, the Dark Goddess, to slay the demons within and without.

Lastly, if you don't have a plan, the make sure that you intuit a divine plan. Have lots of structure in your life this week though it all needs to be based on what your inner guidance is telling you.

May the Wisdom of the Oracle assist you along your way.

Jai Ma! (Hail the Divine Mother or Victory to the Divine Mother!) Tirra-Olufemi

Thanks so much for taking time to read this ezine!

May you forever remain open to Love's Flow.



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