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I write to you this week because I want to make sure that you all stay abreast of all of the postings that I make each week to this great web sanctuary.

One of the most important pieces that I post regularly is the weekly reading. Today I include an excerpt below and a link above of the wisdom that has come forth to assist us with living more fully.

May you walk in the awareness of how loved you are. Enjoy the reading and let me know know if you have questions by writing to me at


"This week I have pulled from the Mayan Oracle. The energy that speaks to us this week is CAUAC. Whenever I see this energy speaking I cringe. I cringe because I realize that this is now a time for pruning and radical transformation.

It is soooo interesting that CAUAC spoke this week. I live in Tennessee which was hit by major flooding that has forever changed the lives of many. There were deaths on so many levels. Some people physically died. Other's lost so much in their homes and will have to begin fresh and anew. This is a flood that will go down in the history of Tennessee because of all of the damage and because we now realize that our area in Tennessee is susceptible to this type of flooding...

Go to this link to read the full reading:

Thanks so much for taking time to read this ezine!

May you forever remain open to Love's Flow.



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