Happee 2011 Goddess-Body-Mind-Spirit.Com Community,

I write to you this week because I want to make sure that you all stay abreast of all of the postings that I make each week to this great web sanctuary.

One of the most important pieces that I write each year is the Community Divination for the year.

I do a reading for myself and thought others might be able to use a word of wisdom from the Oracle in their own lives.

I also do divination for individuals so if you are interested in divination for you regarding Calendar Year 2011, the go the Spiritual Readings page for more information on how to obtain that reading.

At the COMMUNITY DIVINATION link above is the reading so please avail yourself to it in order to maximize the energy of this year.

I also wanted to share a piece of writing that will assist you in embracing SURRENDER knowing that it is good and purposeful if we see it that way. Here it is:

SURRENDER: Lose Attachments and Watch You Evolve!

In the Goddess tradition Oya (a.k.a. Sekhmet,Pele, Kali and Saturn) teaches us that surrender is important in life. For when we surrender and do not seek to control everything, then life doesn't toss us too and fro.

Also, we are less prone to get stressed out about daily goings on. I recommend that you accept that life is not about anything other than the evolution of the soul.

In essence each day is about getting to the place where we are ready to receive what shows up in our experience and using it to realize how wonderful and expansive we are.

So don't get concerned that things are seemingly looking bad, get excited about how your situation will assist you in realizing even more of who you are!

Thanks so much for taking time to read this ezine! Be sure to check out the Goddess Blog which lists updates to the website. I have uploaded videos that I made and placed on yourtube on several spiritual topics. I hope that you enjoy viewing them.

May you forever remain open to Love's Flow.



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