Place your hand over your heart. What do you feel or can you even feel anything?

Breathe. Now place your hand over your heart, again. What do you sense? What do you see in your mind's eye? Is there light, love, darkness or pain? Or is there numbness?

The heart center, the place where our truest desires and wishes resides, is the domain of the Goddess, Maat, whose wisdom speaks to the community in 2009. Click here to see the 2009 Community Divination.

In the last issue of the Wisdom of the Goddess Ezine we began to talk about how forgiveness, real forgiveness, leads to a higher level of love in our lives. This way of living and being leads to a greater abundance, too.

Also, I told you that I would give you my super-duper-whammo secret about a forgiveness that is radical. As a matter of fact this process is so transformative that it has the potential to revolutionize your world so that you might begin living in a new reality.

What I am talking about is Radical Forgiveness. It is a process that I have learned from the book titled Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping.

Let me start by saying that when you did the heart tune-in exercise at the beginning of this writing, if you did not feel like a clear vessel of light and love within your heart, then more than likely you need to forgive.

As we explore this forgiveness it is so important to keep at the forefront of your mind that you are a divine being, a spiritual being, a soul having a physical or human experience.

Recently I was in a play and I began to understand this on a deeper level. My character was a nerd who had no lines. Literally, I created this character during and between each rehearsal. I breathed life into her and came up with all of her nuiances and ways of operating.

As I created this character, I began to see that as a divine being having a physical experience, literally, I am doing the same thing in this life.

So if I am co-creating my life moment by moment, then all experiences are crafted by me in some way. This is what Radical Forgiveness says. This philosophy says that there is a part of myself that will need to grow or need to have a particular experience for whatever reason. And that that part of me will call to her people and experiences that will assist in my learning the lesson or evolving spiritually.

It may be that I need to experience love in a nurturing way and so I connect with a person who is very nurturing to me. It may mean that I need to learn that love is NOT pain and so I will experience a love relationship that is so painful that I have no choice but to grow from it into a new understanding of love.

Consequently, Radical Forgiveness encourages each soul to accept responsibility for its reality. It asks that you consider, you don't have to believe this as law, but just consider that maybe all of life's hurts and pains are in our energetic space as a divine set up by our own selves.

And once we begin to look at the bigger picture of what is going on... Once we begin to see beyond the details of the horrors, the hurts, the disappoints, the anger, then we can see how the small episodes in life fit within the greater series.

Radical Forgiveness can even take you to a place where you realize that through all the hurts and pains, your soul, your true self was never touched in the first place.

"I'll promise you the worst possible thing we can ever do, is have suffering with no meaning and no purpose."

This quote by Dr. Phil McGraw is perfect in explaining what Radical Forgivness does. The result of this process is an understanding of how all of life is purposeful and also leads us to a place where we do not feel victimized but where we will actually begin to give thanks for all of our life's expceriences.

The ultimate place this forgiveness leads to is a love of self that is so deep and so profound that you cannot help but love others. It will lead to a place where where your predominant experience is love and where you realize that you are a powerful being, not a victim, who crafts her/his reality moment by moment.

Radical Forgiveness can help you truly understand your place within all of creation and you will begin to make manifest your purpose and all the goodness of the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies of the Universe.

My goal is not to delineate the process of radical forgiveness but to introduce you to this way of living. Please read Radical Forgiveness and visit Colin's website for more info.

My goal is to get us to thinking about how forgiveness leads to more. How when we accept responsibility for all of our lives then we will be able to move forward instead of staying stuck in stagnation and limitation.

In the last ezine, I asked that you get a list of all the people that you need to sure to include you.

Pull out that list as you begin to embark on a new understanding of their role in your life. If you decide that radical forgiveness is for you, at some point-and I know this from experience- you will even give thanks for the person and the experience. That is when you know that you have transcended into the land of living according to your true identity and from your heart center.

My Experience With Radical Forgiveness:

There was a friend that I truly loved. This was a person that I respected highly and trusted implicitly.

At some point I began to feel that our friendship was not healthy but I did not listen to myself. Instead, I ignored all bells, whistles and red flags that were glarily loud and visible within me and remained friends with this person.

Eventually, I got fed up and ended the friendship. But by the time I decided to pull back, I felt like I hated this friend.

It took years and eventually Radical Forgiveness for me to see the bigger picture of this situation.

The truth of the matter was that I harbored hatred not for the other person but instead for me. I hated me so much that I allowed myself to be in a relationship where I felt demeaned. I hated me so much that I put someone else's needs before my own.

It was not until I began to sift through the details and look at the bigger picture of the relationship that I was able to see how this relationship was a reflection of my extreme need to grow in my mind, emotions and soul.

This relationship helped me to see how low I had descended in my thoughts regarding myself. When I began working the radical forgiveness process, I began to look at this friend as a friend again and I felt complete and utter gratitude for the friendship.

In moving through this healing process with radical forgiveness, in seeing the higher purpose of this experience AND realizing that it was all set up by me to get me moving forward in my life, my heart is lighter, freer and more clear.

When I walked around in anger and hatred, I could not figure out what to eat some days. But after transcending these negative feelings, I am just that much more clear about what it is that I am to do in my life.

Radical Forgiveness is not necessarily an easy process, but if you decided to engage it with grace and ease you will find that miracles abound and blessings overflow in all of life's lesson.

The Heart Center: The Fourth Chakra

Chakras are energy centers within the body. What I love about working with chakras is I am able to understand myself on new levels and understand the areas where I need to grow.

My heart chakra is the major chakra that I have worked to balance. Over time I began to realize that I stored my life's pains and hurts in my heart. Over time I remember the area around my physical heart hurt and was tense and tight.

When I learned about the spiritual energy center associated with that area of my body, I was able to embark on a healing journey to clearing the debris stored there and actually balancing it.

I am realizing more and more that our purpose, our truest desires reside in the heart chakra. This is the place to operate from in order live in alignment with our highest and greatest good and experiencing the best that life has to offer.

Radical Forgiveness is all about healing and balancing this heart chakra.

With that, I encourage you to read more about the 4th chakra, its lessons and its function. I pray that you will continue to have a greater experience of love as a result.

Thanks so much for taking time to read this ezine!

May you forever remain open to Love's Flow.



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