"The purpose of the heart is to know yourself to be yourself and yet one with God." -Edgar Cayce

You know it is so interesting to me how we humans operate. In the Mayan Oracle there is an archetypal energy called CIB. One of the things CIB asks is this, "Are you listening for a roar of a lion and not perceiving the precious, subtle whisperings from within?"

I know that there was a time when I was looking for the big bang of spirituality to happen. I searched high and low, up and down and side to side looking for that answer.

Someone said to me, "Try journaling?" WHAT?! I didn't have time for that. "Be sure to pray affirmatively." they would say. Yeah, okay. So I would get up and say my pat prayer. But I had to do it quickly because surely there was some grand answer to all of my problems lying out there and waiting for me to find it.

"Try forgive." one sage said. Sheesh! I didn't even know what they were talking about. I forgive everybody.

Except Morris Jones, who made fun of of me in the 4th grade. Oh! There's one more: Beverly Course. Uh-huh. She thought I wanted her boyfriend and tortured me with verbal insults everyday of my eigth grade year as a result of it.

Oh, yeah. Another one...that Biology teacher from St. Joseph, my high school. She liked the football cheerleaders better than the basketball cheerleaders. Did I mention that I was a basketball cheerleader?

Forgive? Well maybe I need to forgive a little, I thought to myself.

I remember hearing about spiritual basics, which are tools to spiritual growth and enlightenment that everyone needs in their repetoire.

These tools are not glamorous. You don't hear of people being praised for being a great journaler or forgiver or pray-er. But I have learned that it is the basics, the precious subtleties,that have paved the way for the biggest breakthroughs in my life.

Forgiveness is one of those powerful processes. Lack of forgiveness can lead to many blockages...blockages to love and abundance in all areas of life.

Unforgiveness also can lead to sickness in your body, mind and/or spirit.

But because forgiveness requires that we dig and dig deeply, many people miss out on its liberating, tranformative benefits.

In relating this to February, the month of love and romance, and to the goddess wisdom of this year, Maat, I thought it appropriate to focus on forgiveness and using this to bring more love and romance into our lives.

Maat teaches us that unconditional love is the ultimate love of all. In searching for that special person or that special connection, it is this type of love for which most of us are searching: love with no conditions...love just because.

What I have come to learn and accept as truth is where there is unforgiveness, love cannot exist. They seem to be mutually exclusive.

"My point to you is that as we think on all things love this month, it might be better to think on who and what we need to forgive. The search for love will end when we decide that we are going to stop holding on to anger, bitterness and other negative energies that result from not forgiving."

Because once forgiveness sets in, we become clear vessels through which love constantly flows in both directions.

I know that there are many out there who desire that love connection either with your current mate or with the one who has yet to show up. In my mind, relationships are all about spiritual growth and development.

Romance is good. Sex is good. Having a mate is good. But what good is any of it if on the inside we are crumbling due to self-hatred or woundedness by another? What good is any of it if we are so closed to prevent further hurt that we can't love in?

What good is a relationship with another if it is totally colored by unforgiveness?

It can be a mess if you ask me.

Forgiveness is a great elixir to it all. Forgiveness of self and others is a healing balm that will lead to an expansion of love and your self so that you can have fulfilling relationships. These are lessons that the Goddess Maat teaches us.

Now just to let you in on a little secret, once I decided to go ahead and try forgiveness...I had no idea what forgiveness really is.

That's what we will discuss in the next newsletter. Until then...make your list of who you need to forgive....be sure to include YOU! And we will begin getting around to figuring out what this forgiveness things is. Just know that it is RADICAL!

Until next time, I love you all!

Sending love's flow you way,


My Story: Many of my friends have often said that they wish that they had the relationship that I have with my husband with their own boyfriends or husbands.

Though I consider my relationship with my husband to be normal and healthy, there was a time when I would say to them, "You would be surprised at how lonely you can be IN a relationship."

It is not that there was anything wrong with my marriage. What I came to realize was that neither my husband nor my marriage would heal the wounds to my spirit.

I had so much pain on the inside that it rarely mattered who was with me or how good they were. I just hurt.

It wasn't until I took responsibility for my life and healing myself instead of thinking anything or anyone outside of me could heal me, that I began to feel the joy of marriage and relationships.

Relationships with other people are what I call spiritual partnerships. They are all about helping me to grow. Some relationships will help me grow easily and effortlessly and others will help me grow through great effort.

Each person is a mirror. They help me to see my strengths and the areas for growth.

My point is that I am one who is big on promoting LOVE YOU FIRST and seek a relationship with another second. The relationships with others will be much more fulfilling when we have no expectations of that other person fixing or completing us. When we can be in a relationship and enjoy it for what it is, then we will experience the magic of love in many ways.

Be YOUR OWN first love! Be sure to revisit the Goddess-Body-Mind-Spirit Community Divination

here in order to connect this months message to that over the overarching theme for 2009.

Thanks so much for taking time to read this ezine!

May you forever remain open to Love's Flow.



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