You are invited to experience the Summer Solstice Fast!

June 1-21, 2009

Goddess Wisdom Governing the fast:


These periods of fasting are becoming more and more interesting for me. A few years ago when I started these fasts, I thought that I was simply inviting people to join me in cleansing and purifying our bodies while doing some introspection of our inner selves at the same time!

Not so much anymore! These fasts are turning into highly spiritual times of growth for those who participate.

This time you are being asked to consider fasting using an active meditation.

First and foremost, what I stopped by to tell you today is that while it is great to purify the body, the focus of a fast has to go deeper than that.

We are our bodies AND WE ARE SO MUCH MORE! We are consciousness that exists on many levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

So to affect change on only one level of consciousness can be beneficial but will not have as a great and broad effect. This is why in the past I would fast from sweets only to go right back to eating them after the fast.

Yes, I did give my body a break from massive amounts of sugar that I put in it normally. I felt so much better but because there was not an intention regarding the deeper levels of myself, I would go back into my sugar addiction full speed ahead when the fast ended.

That is why I seek to share with you that it is important that we look at this fast a little differently this time.

The focus of the 2009 Summer Solstice Fast is fasting from an emotion to effect a significant change on your emotional body.

For many of us our emotions run us. We are emotion addicts and don't realize this fact. We seek situations that will cause us to experience a particular emotion.

Think about that one problematic emotion that, when you are honest, you actually feel good after experiencing it though most would describe that emotion as negative. Can I get a witness from my Anger Addicts or even my Victim Junkies? Any Fear-Heads in da house!?

I was startled when I first learned that I was an emotion addict. Yep, I was addicted to anger and to feeling like a victim. Awareness was key to me moving past these emotions.

My greatest success came not from suppressing these emotions but from raising my consciousness and my understanding of these emotions.

First of all I had to learn that emotions are choices. So just because I feel an emotion arise does not mean that I have to act on it.

Once I realized this truth about emotions then I began to employ a technique that is brilliant in my mind: I simply ignored all problematic emotions.

We will talk about this more during the fast. But this is key. Ignore the emotions. Get into observation mode, feel that the emotion is there and then just ignore it.

I first read about this method within the context of moving past addiction in Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav. I thought, "Huh? Ignore that powerful emotion or addiction? What?!"

I then read about this method in the Metu Neter by Ra Un Nefer Amen. It is called Men Ab Meditation. The author of the book describes this as one of the most powerful and liberating meditations of all because it is not done sitting down in a quiet spot chanting a mantra with quiet meditation music playing in the background.

Nope. This meditation is done while living life...While going about your day and experiencing all the small nuances and people that make you just want to...SCREAM! or KNOCK THEM OUT! or go and crawl into a cave and never come out. You know...LIFE HAPPENINGS!

The Men Ab meditation says that what we are to do is to simply ignore that which we do not wish to feel and instead place our attention on feeling peace, which is our true nature.

It sounds so simple but can be very first.

This is the focus of this fast. Men Ab. Fast from one emotion by ignoring that emotion when it arises.

What you may have to do is figure out a game plan about what you will do when that emotion arises. But if you just ride out that emotion like a wave, eventually, it will subside. You don't HAVE to engage it and act on it.

Eventually, the outcome is that the emotion will lose power because you realize that you don't have to act on it. You then will step into a higher level of self-awareness and self-mastery.

This fast is a 21 day fast leading up to the Hot and Steamy Summer Solstice. I do encourage you to engage this meditation for 40 days, if possible.

Please feel free to lighten your diet however you feel led to do so. It may actually help if you give up a problematic food so that the emotion that you are suppressing with that food item can rise just that much faster.

But for 21 days, our goal, our objective our mission is to begin to master our selves through mastering our emotions.

And just to put it out there, I am ignoring the emotion of WORRY. It is the emotion that I have engaged the longest in my life. I have decided that worry no longer serves me and I seek a different experience: TRUST and FAITH.

Will you join me? Stay posted as there are more discussions to come.

I have every intention of blogging about my fast experience during this time. Please see my public blog at . Be sure to post how your fast is unfolding! Thank you!


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