Spring Equinox Fast 2010: Fast for Personal Peace

Spring Equinox Fast 2010: March 17-March 20, 2010

March 17, 2010

We are within the most energetically sensitive time leading up to the Spring Equinox. I write today as I did not do so at the top of this month. I don't know why but this is the fast invite that I have the hardest time getting done.

But I did not want Spring to come and go without sharing the wisdom that has come to me for I know that someone out there needs to hear this wisdom, needs this challenge in order to create more peace, love, joy and harmony in their life.

This time leading up to the Spring Equinox is all about the energy of Amen. Amen is the supreme deity and in other spiritual systems is known as God, The Great Mother Goddess, Oludumare, Shiva/Shakti, Allah, Buddha, Source Energy, El and Jah.

Amen says in all things choose peace. This is the ultimate choice as PEACE IS OUR TRUE NATURE.

The truth is that we all are divine reflections of the ONE DIVINE ENERGY, GOD/THE GREAT MOTHER/AMEN. I have come to describe it as we are all cut from the Fabric of the Divine. So we have the qualities of God inherent in us.

What I have come to learn about The Divine is that its true nature is PEACE. When we allow ourselves to become very aware of the presence of the Divine, what we feel is the peace that surpasses all understanding.This peace is in us, too, as not just divinely created beings but as divine beings in a body.

We did not come here to acquire lots of stuff, to hold titles, to have certain relationships...all of this is good and helps us to enjoy our experience here in the physical. But what we come here to do is to remember that we are divine beings in a body and to experience our true nature of peace in a body.

That is what this Spring Equinox and I will extended it to say the entire season of Spring is about: FASTING FOR PERSONAL PEACE.

The crazy thing is this: Experiencing peace has NOTHING to do with what is going on in your external world. You are called to seek peace on the inside NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE SEEING, EXPERIENCING and HEARING in the outside world.

You are being called to tap into your true nature to increase your awareness of peace even the more. It is all about the inner world right now.

Amen says that in order to experience peace then it is important that we transcend our conditionings. Who do you believe you are? Are you living the truth of who you are or are you living some limited, carbon copy of what the world says you are?

Whatever computer program you upload into your consciousness daily upon waking, you are asked to make sure that it is not one that is a lie but instead based on TRUTH: You are a divine being! Okay? And if you don't know what that means then that is your task at this time. Find out what a divine being is and then LIVE THAT!

Most of us have latent power in us that has yet to be activated. We have no idea just how powerful we are. We have no idea how many of the answers that we seek lie with in us. What is needed is for us to seek peace so that we can tap into the omniscience and omnipotence of God/The Great Mother within us. When we walk in peace the we can't help but walk in wisdom and our power.

Amen says that it is important to make this a season of silence. Get as quiet as you can. Turn off the phone, computer, mp3 player, computer and television. Seek to move your consciousness from the external to the internal so that you can get quiet, experience peace and then hear what the Divine has to say regarding where your life is to head next.

As you do so then you will open yourself to be the fertile ground in which your dreams, goals and desires will take root so that you can manifest all things good and divine for the rest of this year.

Spring is the time for planting seed, watering it, nurturing is so that the summer heat can grow it and we reap the harvest just before fall sets in.

Here are some steps you can take that will help you tap into the peace within:

1. Remember who you are. You are a divine being, a soul, pure consciousness having a spiritual experience.

2. Chant for peace. It doesn't matter what the mantra is just choose a mantra that resonates with you from your own spiritual path and chant it over and over and over. Chant for the peace you wish to experience.

3. Carve out designated spiritual time each day where you completely tune out the world and immerse yourself in your inner spirit and the presence of the Divine.

4. Seek to be joyful in all that you do. If it is joyful then don't do it. But when you know the truth, you can't help but be joyful.

5. What you think about you bring about. If you don't like what you are experiencing then seek to focus your thoughts and consciousness on that which you do wish to experience.

6. Be flexible. Go visit a nearby body of water and seek to connect with the fluid nature of water. It is through being flexible and mutable that we are able to have more of what we desire in our lives. Quit being so rigid and relax a bit!

7. State the vision and make it plain! What do you wish to manifest in 2010. NOW is the time. Seek to connect with the energy of the Goddess Oshun/Het Heru/Saraswati/Hani-EL/Venus to maximize the energy of this time of sowing your intentions. In doing so you shall reap your harvest in the months to come!

Spring is the real new year beginning as I seek to align myself life cycles with those set up by the Divine.

FAST FOR PERSONAL PEACE. Won't you join me. Even if you don't fast from food, choose an activity or a thought to take time away from so that you can spend more time inside of you in the presence of the Divine Spirit. From March 17- March 20, 2010, choose peace in all that you do, say and think.

Namaste. Hotep. Peace!

Advisability of me posting as written: Ausar+, Tehuti Hetep

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Happy Fasting!

Love, Love, Love to you,


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