Are you a Mother who recognizes motherhood as a spiritual path?

I wasn't this type of mother at first. I just knew that I wanted a baby and bad!

I remember being so excited at the thought of being a Mommy. I took my pregnancy very seriously...I ate only the best foods and saw the right care providers. I enrolled in a natural childbirth class and ordered all the right baby gear. My baby would have the best of everything.

As I began to make my trek through pregnancy, I ran across people and literature that really shocked me: Babies who sleep in their parents beds until they were four and five years old? WHAT!?! At La Leche League, I heard of babies nursing until they were toddlers and preschool aged. HUH?

You mean to tell me that there are people who use something other than the front carrier packs? A sling? What is that? And these people carry these children until they are THREE!?! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

But all of this knowledge stirred something in me. It sounded so foreign, but it sounded so right!

Slowly but surely I began to move to a place of neutrality and decided that I needed to wait for the baby to arrive before deciding on my parenting style.

Becoming a mommy for the first time was absolutely mind blowing for me. Immediately, I was placed on a major learning curve. I remembered my actual childbirth experience and thought, "That was easy compared to caring for the baby!"

And thus began my journey into motherhood. I had absolutely no idea at first that being a mommy would lead me into one of the greatest spiritual awakenings of my life. I knew that being a parent would be special but the growth that I have undergone since becoming a mommy is phenomenal.

As I continue to grow through and understand the Mysteries of the Goddess, I now see how the Divine Feminine has used motherhood as a primary way to bring me back into her fold. SO MUCH of what I do as a parent requires me to tap into my Goddess energy.

I have often asked myself, "What would the Goddess do?" and I don't mean this is a flippant way. Seriously, motherhood is what has guided me back into REMEMBERING THE TRUTH OF WHO I AM: GODDESS ENERGY IN MOTION!

So this portion of this web sanctuary is dedicated to assisting women with remembering the ancient ways of the Goddess....with remembering the most basic ways to interact with our children and the lessons that come with it all.

Here you will find my stories of evolution through motherhood. I write about attachment parenting, helping children learn how to use the potty, childbirth and much more!

I will tell anyone that I don't feel that there is any one way to raise a child. My philosophy is that the goal is to bring out the best in both parent and child. How we do it will vary largely.

So take from these stories what works for you and leave the rest.

May you continue uncover and experience the joy of the Goddess as Mother, which is you! May you recognize your own spiritual path through motherhood.

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