Want truth? Let the Goddess of Truth Lead the Way!

Who is the Goddess of Truth?

Name: Maat, Aje Chagullia, Lakshmi

Planet: Jupiter

Day: Thursday

Colors: Sky Blue, Yellow

Objects/energy embodied in: Scales of Justice, Ostrich feather

Goddess Energy: Truth

Herbs: Thuja, Anis, Honeysuckle, Oak moss, aloes

Spiritual Qualities: Expansion, Big Picture, Unconditional Love, Good Fortune

The Goddess of Truth is one who always helps us to see the big picture. You knowhow you find yourself focusing on the details, thinking about the one thing thatyou dislike about the person or situation? Maat asks you to think bigger. Sheasks that you see beyond the immediate circumstance by looking at the big picturewhich is based in spiritual truth.

Maat is the aspect of the Goddess that helps us find our center through Truth. Butwhat is truth exactly?

Truth is Divine law. It is the Universal laws and principles by which this worldand our lives are governed. Truth is the same regardless of the situation, regardlessof the people involved. It is the ultimate reality.

Truth is not to be confused with facts. Facts are the details of the event or situation. It is a fact that I took my children to chess club today. It is afact that I ate a veggie burger for lunch.

The truth lies behind the facts and at times may even seem contradictory. So forinstance, the fact may be that you have $10 in the bank to last you 3 days. The truth is that you are unlimited prosperity and abundance and experience it basedon your openness to this unlimited supply.

At any given moment the facts may change regarding how much money you have. But the truth of your unlimited abundance does not change--EVER!


Again, this is what the Goddess of Truth calls us to do. This can be so tricky,though. The reason living in alignment with Universal Principles can be so difficultis because we develop belief systems based on other people's opinions and variousexperiences that we have. These beliefs become our truth.

Some of our personal truths are in alignment with Maat's truth. However, there aresome individual truths that we believe in so deeply that even in the face of a higher level of understanding, we refuse to let them go.

What I like about this process is that it leads us to living truth. We are facedwith situations that are so major that we cannot help but at least look at our falseand limiting beliefs.

For instance, I have held false and limiting beliefs that have been embodied inthe words "I can't." I have easily been able to encourage others to do great things; however, I couldn't do the same for myself.

Then a few situations happened that were so great, so huge that I had no choicebut to come face to face with my limiting belief that "I can't". I was forcedto evaluate the truth in that statement to determine its validity or embracea new understanding of truth.

These situations include dealing with the passing of my mother and givingbirth to my children. There are so many experiences that I can think of overthe years in which the Goddess of Truth gave me opportunities to step intothe truth that I am a limitless being but they never were long lasting.

But having to decide if I can or can't go on made me dig deep within my soul,deep within my Maat faculty to determine the truth. Because I needed so badlyto make it after my mother transitioned and to make it through childbirth,I had to throw away the limiting belief which was "I can't" and step fully intothe truth that I could in fact make it through those experiences and beautifullyso.

My question to you is, "What are your truths?" Sit down and evaluate what you tell yourself day in and day out. It is these truths that dictate how you operatein this world.

The thought for you to ponder is, "Are your truths leading you to a more expanded,joyful and peaceful existence, or are they leading you to a place where you lackawareness of the Goddess qualities that you so desire?"

Once you answer this question for each truth, then you can replace them withUniversal Truths.

The Goddess of Truth: Unconditional Love...The Big Picture

Maat says love unconditionally. She says that we have to love the people thatmake us feel warm and fuzzy AND the people that just make us feel warm. Maatsays to look at the big picture. When we look at the big picture then we can see how each person, event or circumstance fits within the big picture of ourlives.

This Goddess of Truth teaches us that everything has a place in our lives.She also teaches that we are to say thank you to our perceived enemies becauseeven they have contributed to our experience in some way.

The truth and keeping the big picture in mind are sure fire paths to operatingfrom unconditional love. Truth helps us to move past emotions and helps us tosee the greater lesson.

As we operate from an expanded place, we are more available to give unconditionallove because we know that no one can really hurt us. "Why?" Because the truthis that we are Goddesses having a physical experience.

But remember what unconditional love is? This is the highest form of love becauseit gives expecting nothing in return and not feeling that anything is wrong withanything or anyone. Unconditional love exists all the time.

So what is crucial in moving into this way of existing is to opening yourself, expanding yourself to a place where you are receiving the unconditional loveof the Goddess that is always there. Unconditional love is nothing that we acquire or give away. It is always within us if only we open ourselves to it.

What we do is allow ourselves to be a conduit through which this Divine Loveflows.

The Goddess of Truth is our heart chakra energy. It is important to balance your heart chakra often especially if you store your hurt, stress and pain there. But your ability to love everyone no matter who they are is a gift of connecting withthe Goddess of Truth.


I like to describe Maat as "Lady Luck". If you have a major situation in whichyou really need good fortune, this is the Goddess to work with. I do spiritualreadings and when I get a reading from Maat when she is expressing her self in the flow, I tell the person that they will be blessed richly by working with thisGoddess energy.

I cannot tell you how many stories I have heard of people who were working with the energy of Maat made a way out of seeming no way.

The Goddess of Truth is the energy within us that is optimistic and lends itselfto the attitude everything always works out.

If you work with the Goddess of Truth, you will not go wrong. Connecting withMaat can be simple. Simply focus your awareness on your heart center. Fill itwith golden white light and breathe into it.

Just sit with the energy. It may take time: days, weeks, months, year. But eventually, you will feel the energy of this Goddess within you. Initially,it may just be a fleeting moment of her energy, but that will be enough to keepyou working at it.

The more you work with Maat, the easier it will be for you to connecting to the fullness of the Great Mother within you!

The Goddess of Truth is just one manifestation of the Great Mother. Learn more about Goddess energy here!

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