Bathe in the nurturing waters of the Goddess of Motherhood and Emotions...

Who is the Goddess of Motherhood and Emotions?

Name: Auset, Yemonja, Lakshmi, Gabri-El

Planet: Moon

Day: Monday

Colors: Blue

Objects/energy emodied in: Mermaids, water, the ocean

Offering: Lettuce and Oranges

Goddess Energy: The Mother, the memory, trance, seat of the emotions

Herbs: Jasmine

Spiritual Qualities: Unconditional love, humility, Devotion, Trust, Relaxation

This energy of the Divine Feminine is one that most of us can relate to. This is true either because we all have a mother AND/OR because we have connected to the energy of the mother within ourselves.

She is known by many names across cultures such as Isis, Lakshmi and Yemonja; however, her energy is the same: nurturance and love. What lessons does the Goddess of Motherhood and Emotions have to teach us? Let's connect with her energy. I will use the name she was originally called by the Ancient Egyptians: Auset.

Auset....She is the Mother of Mothers. When we leave the maiden period of our lives we usually transition into this stage of development. It does not matter if you give birth to your own children or not, most women enter a period of their lives where they are primarily nurturing others such as children, patients or students. This is a time where self is put to the back burner and life is lived so that others may prosper. This is a time where selfless service is the greatest theme.

The Goddess of Motherhood and Emotions says that it is important to nurture. We must nurture ourselves FIRST before we can nurture others. Having regular self-care rituals is important.

But we are also called to nurture others. Oftentimes when we nurture others, we are giving that same nurturing energy to ourselves. It is so amazing how the energy of the Great Mother flows through us out to others but we benefit just the same. This is true for nurturing others, too. My greatest lesson has been as a mother. I have learned that loving and nurturing my children helps me learn how to love and take care of myself.

The key is that The Goddess of Motherhood and Emotions loves without expecting anything in return. This is a great lesson for us, too. Giving without attachments for the sake of doing it allows us to more fully experience the love of the Goddess that is everywhere at all times.

So with this lesson comes a warning. Yes, when we are experiencing the Divine Feminine in the face of the Mother, we are called to nurture but we have to avoid tendencies to fix our loved ones and avoid walking in the energy of co-dependency. This is how we get worn out. Instead, we give from our hearts expecting nothing in return knowing that ultimately, The Goddess of Motherhood and Emotions will take care of the loved one who has also forgotten the truth of her or his reality: They are DIVINE!

So we always nurture with an intent for the nurtured to sprout wings and fly...that the one who we have helped to actualize their dreams will one day pay it forward and nurture another, too.


Her energy within us is the source of our emotions. According to the Ra Un Nefer Amen in the Metu Neter, emotions are essentially states of trance. You see, Auset is also our memory. The way we learn, the way we remember is by going into a state of trance. When we are in trance we are receptive. Whatever it is that we are learning becomes a part of us through this energy of receptivity.

Whenever we have an emotional response to something, we go into a trance state which implants the experience and emotion within us. On some level, whether conscious or not, we remember the experience and react the same way every time there after.

So the Goddess of Motherhood and Emotions warns us that we must be aware that everytime we have an emotional reaction, we are actually reinforcing, firmly imbedding it into our emotional bodies.

What Auset advises us to do is to analyze the emotional response and determine if it reflects our service to our Higher Divine Self or if it is a response of our ego that is seeking to remain in place in our lives.

Again, we are talking about the Goddess of Motherhood and Emotions. And what is one of the major qualities that mothers embody? Forgiveness. This is what Auset calls you to do....Forgive. Forgive anyone who hurt you. Forgive others and situations that left you hurt. FORGIVE YOU for letting you or someone else down.

But the flip side to all of this is that you can use that exact same trance state to create what it is that you desire. One of the most effective ways to induce a light trance state is to allow yourself to get very relaxed. Again, this is a lesson of Auset. When you relax, you enter a state of receptivity. You can be receptive to the energy of love, peace, harmony or whatever qualities that you desire in your life during the trance state.

You can replay the events in your life that left you hurt or feeling less than whole with the intent to forgive and replace the negative emotions with positive ones. What is key is that you feel the emotions that make you feel good. That you truly feel the peace. That you truly feel the love. That you truly feel the harmony.

Take that time now. Review an emotion that is problematic. Remember that each time you experience that emotion it becomes even more a part of your emotional make-up.

Now, replace that emotion with one that you desire. Really feel that emotion, that quality of the Goddess that you seek that is already there just masked by your remembrance of the hurt and pain. Make a commitment to to choose this Goddess quality even in the heat of the moment so that you can begin to experience it as a natural part of who you are.


Lastly, The Goddess of Motherhood and Emotions calls us to be devoted. Devotion is a quality that mothers are known for. When I think of devotion I think of the word commitment. Auset asks us how committed we are to our spiritual path. It is through devotion that we are able to stay the course to remembering our true nature which is Goddess.

It is important to make a commitment to your spiritual practice. There is no one way to engage in spiritual growth and development. One way of knowing that you are in the spiritual practice that is for you is that it will feel good. You will feel peaceful each time you engage in the experience. It does not matter if the your practice largely involves hiking, meditating, dancing or gardening, just do what works for you.

Basics to include in your practice are affirmative prayer, meditation and mindfulness or staying in the now. One of my personal favorites is chanting but you can engage in anything that resonates with you. These are all ways of connecting to the Goddess within you and you can do these doing just about any activity.

Of course, The Goddess of Motherhood and Emotions is just one aspect of the Goddess. Click here to find out more about Who the Goddess is....