Learn about the Goddess of Creattion Love Beauty and Sexuality

The Goddess of Creation, Love, Beauty and Sexuality....

Name: Osun, Het-Heru, Hathor, Sarasvati, Hani-El

Planet: Venus

Day: Friday

Colors: Orange, Yellow, Green

Objects/energy emodied in: Mirrors, water, rivers

Offering: Honey

Goddess Energy: Creation, Conception, Love, Sexuality

Herbs: Honeysuckle, sandalwood, spearmint, calendula flowers, parsley

Spiritual Qualities: Joy, Sweet, Flexibility, Harmony, Imaginative, Passion

This aspect of the Goddess is the seat of our creativity and sexuality and is also the energy that we use to experience love and beauty in our lives.

She has been called many names across cultures. She is Osun to the Yoruba out of Nigeria, Sarasvati in the Vedic tradition and Het-Heru by the Ancient Egyptians. And this aspect of the energy the Goddess is embodied in the planet Venus. But more than the name, we want to understand exactly what this energy is and how to use it. For simplicity sake, I will use the name Osun.

What does Osun, The Goddess of Creation, Love, Beauty and Sexuality, teach us? She teaches us that it is important to remember that what we think about, what we focus on with passion and feeling is what we get in life. Osun is our creative faculty. She teaches us that we create from the inside out by using our imagination to SEE what it is that we desire and to FEEL the feelings of having it right now.

The point that many do not know or understand is that Osun does not discriminate in what is created. Many people focus on what they do not want in life. They focus on not having enough or what they dislike in those around them or on the situations in their lives that make them unhappy. Over and over again they play these scenes and feel the feelings that go with them. What happens is that all of what is not desirable is created as a result. Osun is The Law of Attraction!

And what is the Law of Attraction? The law of attraction is a Universal law, a Universal Truth that is always in operation whether we are consciously aware of it or not. This law states that what you focus on frequently and with passion is what you will make manifest in your life. When we begin to use this energy of Osun intentionally, we are able transform our lives so that it more accurately reflects the highest vision that we have for ourselves.

It is so amazing to me but honestly the best way to create the life you desire is to use your imagination! The energy of the goddess that we can most easily use to visualize and then create is our imagination. The sad part is that many of us have been led to believe that use of the imagination is for children and as we grow into adulthood, our creative faculty almost becomes dormant. How many adults have you heard say, "I am not really creative at all."

WELL, OSUN, The Goddess of Creation Love Beauty and Sexuality is here to remind you that your imagination is really the ticket to birthing the qualities of the Divine Feminine that you most desire to experience.

So my suggestion to those who are wanting to consciously co-create their lives is to allow their imagination to run wild. I invite you to do the same. Take time during the day to vision the life that most resonates with your desires. SEE yourself living that life. FEEL the feelings that go along with that vision. Allow yourself to experience it all as if it really is happening. Don't censor it!

When you feel the doubt rise, quell it with the understanding that at this point you are simply allowing this all to take place in your imagination and anything is possible there.

But what this reflects is the Divine structure in the Universe. Before anything manifests in the physical realm, it exists in the spiritual realm first. Your imagination is that spiritual realm!

The key is to not waiver from what you are visioning for yourself. Focus only on that which you desire to experience in your life. Powerful tools that you can use to hold your personal vision for yourself include writing your goals, listing everything that you desire to experience and creating a vision board.

Consciously co-creating your life can be an extremely powerful process. The kicker is that it can be unsettling and bring up issues that have operated as blockages for you in the past. I have come to describe it as a process where there are layers that I have to work through before I am able to actually see what I visualize manifested in physical form.

It is these layers that using the wisdom of the Goddess will assist you with working through with grace and ease. Keep reading to find out more!

Water. Go with the flow...

The element of nature that embodies The Goddess of Creation Love Beauty and Sexuality is water. Water teaches us to go with the flow. If you desire to tap into this creative energy, sitting near a body of water, especially a river is a great way to start.

The Goddess of Creation Love Beauty and Sexuality...

When we talk about Osun we are also talking about sexuality. This is where babies are conceived. BUT this is also where we experience Divine Sacred Union with our inner Divinity. My guru once told me that Spiritual energy and Sexual energy are one in the same. I did not understand what she meant at first. However, I have come to realize that it is through sexuality that life is created. This same energy can be used to create anything that we desire. The key is to channel it through this creative faculty as well as into higher spiritual centers within our bodies.

We have layers to ourselves. There is the physical body of which we are most aware. But there are also other layers to us: the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Within our spiritual bodies lies an energy that is dormant until we begin spiritual practices that lead us to awakenings. This energy is called kundalini and it sits at the base of our spine in our spiritual body. Kundalini awakening is a common name and there are many practices that one can engage in to move this energy up the spine in order to fully awaken to the truth of our Divinity.

It is Osun who we work with to move this kundalini energy. The Second Chakra is the chakra for Osun.

Osun is the first face of the Goddess. She is the maiden aspect of the Goddess.This is the time in our lives where we are learning fresh and anew. She governs the time of womanhood that spans from girlhood through young womanhood, usually through the twenties. Osun represents the time in our lives when everything is new, like Spring, which is her season.

Osun also thrives on beauty. She likes to be beautiful and she likes her surroundings to be beautiful.

The Goddess of Creation and Sexuality...allow this energy within you to come alive! Learn more about who the Goddess is.