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Yearly Reading

Here you will find the spiritual energy governing the GBMS community this year. Be inspired by the Wisdom of the Oracle! Please read and share!

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GIFT FOR YOU! June Journal Guide

GIFT FOR YOU: GREETINGS FAMILY! Please go over to my patreon page to get the June 2019 Journal Guide that I have created. You can use it to spiritually map out the month of June. In the guide I give you general questions and information for you to ponder and then you can write what it all means for you. The first part of the reading always covers the wisdom from the oracles such as the Metu Neter and the second part of the reading covers Astro-Wisdom. As such, the guide is set up to journal on these wisdom sharings.

Here is the link to the Journal Guide: https://www.patreon.com/posts/your-june-2019-27255871

I hope that your June 2019 Journal Guide is helpful to you.´╗┐

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Spiritual Readings: Allow the Oracle to Speak to YOU!

Goddess Spiritual Readings: Your Road Map to Success and Spiritual Fulfillment!

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Personal Theme Shift in May 2017

Personal Theme Shift in MayRahu, the head of the dragon, is shifting in May along with Ketu the tail. Whatever your personal themes have been will shift starting in May 2017 for the next 18 months. Out with old, in with the new! I will share more in my next video.

Keep doing your spiritual work...Access to the Wisdom you need is there!

This morning as I was saying my prayers and engaging some of my daily rituals, I felt a deep connection to the wisdom of the Universe. I felt connected to my own power and to the power of Source Energy. The message that came to me is that the world would have you believe that you have no access to higher wisdom and that you are powerless. You must defy this notion, do your spiritual work and experience the wisdom and power for yourself as real and sentient beings.

Even when you stumble and fall, just get back up and do your spiritual work as this is the pick ax that will make the wall called the "Lie of the World" fall so that you walk ever presently in the true Reality, which is that you are Divinity with all power and wisdom at your finger tips.

Wisdom Channeled to Omilade, Iyalorisha, Priestess of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries

Rituals and Practices for the Solstices and Equinoxes

WISDOM 4 YOU: Get on Track, Dark Deceased, Peace

Oct. 30 Wisdom 4 Your Week!

Wisdom to assist you on your path to self-realization and self-mastery.

August 29. 2015 Super Moon: Wisdom for You!

This is some POWERFUL wisdom for the upcoming full moon. Use it to create a better version of your life!

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Wisdom 4 Your Week: Wisdom Rules, Transformation, Nurture Your Dreams

Wisdom 4 Your Week: Wisdom Rules, Transformation, Nurture Your Dreams

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WISDOM 4 YOUR WEEK: Moving Past Self-Sabotage, Be Fearless, Walk in Your Power, Embrace Change

WISDOM 4 YOUR WEEK by Goddess Guru Tirra Olufemi: Moving Past Self-Sabotage, Be Fearless, Walk in Your Power, Embrace Change

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Wisdom 4 Your Week: Live Truth, Finish What You Start, Follow Your Vision

VIDEO-WISDOM 4 YOUR WEEK: Take Charge of Your Life, Will Power

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Peace in the Pain

PEACE IN THE PAIN: The longer I live the more I see the "pains" of life differently. I remember the character from the movie Hitch, Albert. He lost the love of his life and told Hitch that he would rather walk around sad and grieving his loss than to have never experienced love. That is how I see the "pain" of life now. I now realize that pain will come from giving life a good ole college try. When you go for some things, failures will come but at least I had that experience...at least I took a chance on something important to me in life. Maybe it is a relationship or a project- Could be big or small...experiencing pain from living just lets me know that I am having a full human experience and to some degree, I get a certain amount of peace from my pain. So when you cry, give thanks because at least you know that you have not limited yourself to ONLY experiencing the "good" in life. And the beauty of the pain is you truly know the good when it shows up and you appreciate it more. Giving thanks for the peace that my pain now brings me.

Inspiration 4 You!

Life is like photography. You need the negatives to develop. ~Unknown

Procrastination is a problem for me...

I am realizing more and more that procrastination is killing my dreams. But more than that procrastination is very powerful tool that my ego uses to keep me from evolving. I gotta move past this. I am working on back in to my SFM rituals. My goal is to do a releasing ritual in the next day or so. No time like the present but thanks to procrastination, I will wait to do it when I get back from the store. (LOL) At least I see it and can laugh. Seriously, I have to get this ritual done ASAP since we are in the waning moon phase.

My theory is that procrastination is a key indicator of people who are not walking in their power. I have to more to stand in my power and operate from that place consistently....Will do as my life depends on it.

Why I Like Picking Up Litter

One of my favorite things to do is to pick up litter around my neighborhood and the stores that I frequent. I keep thinking about the Earth's water supply and how the rain makes the plastic and the glass and the metals all wash to our water supply and end up in the Great Pacific Garbage Pail. What we do in Murfreesboro, TN affects what happens in the Amazon Rain Forrest as well as the mountains of Africa. But do you know what? IT IS AN HONOR for me to do so. I feel like I am taking care of a good friend when I pick up litter that I didn't drop. Conversely, I feel like Mother Earth sends a breeze or nice rain shower to let me know that She appreciates my efforts. In essence, I feel a deep, deep connection to the Earth the more I feel compelled to pick up litter. Small acts to help our Earth home really do matter. Please find a way to take care of the Earth and do it daily. Collectively, we will help keep Mother Earth beautiful and she in turn will continue to take good care of us.

Inspiration 4 You: Your Power

All power is within you, you can do, anything and everything. Believe in that; do not believe that you are weak. You can do anything and everything, without even the guidance of anyone. Stand up and express the divinity within you...within each of you there is the power to remove all wants and miseries.

Just Start Where You Are NOW...

Sometimes you cannot wait until you get to a certain place before you start. You have to just start where you are and move forward from there. Actually, this is the only way to get going because if you don't, you may find yourself stuck and waiting for something that may never happen: the right moment. Just start where you are right now and move forward on your goal from there. ~Tirra Olufemi Hargrow

VIDEO: Wisdom for You: EGO- Choose which egos you will and will not deal with

Yoga: Slowly but surely I am reuniting with my practice

Glad to slowly but surely get back into my yoga practice. I think I had a mental block about doing yoga but now I feel that I NEED it so I willingly turn on my yoga DVD and do the yoga. As usual I feel amazing.

One of the things that stood out for me today was that he talked about how cobra pose helps to protect the spine from arthritis.

Also, I enjoyed doing the breathing exercises while applying root lock. I feel so much more calm and grounded. I feel hopeful and connected to the inner most me.

Giving thanks for yoga and my choice to engage it.

Wisdom For You: Your condition is not fixed.

"You will see good things in your family." I heard those words of encouragement from wise men in Africa when my eldest son was getting into a lot of trouble. My son was 17 at the time. I wanted to believe I would see good things but I couldn't at the time. But sure enough, with spiritual help, my son turned his life completely around. As you face your challenges, it is important to remember that no condition is ever permanent. And things can get better even though it might be difficult for you to believe this right now. A calm comes after every storm. And after the darkness, you can expect to see the light."

James Weeks/ Across The King's River

DIVINATION and WISDOM For 2013 Part 2

DIVINATION and WISDOM For 2013: Part 1



Just a few days ago I observed the trees. I have often learned from trees but I got a new lesson from them the other day. Trees teach about abundance and cycles. They first taught me that there are seasons for everything and that all seasons are purposeful and beneficial. The season that is most challenging is winter. I remember thinking how trees never seem to worry about losing their leaves. They don't cry or moan about losing their apparent outer beauty. They simply wait and spring comes around yet again. And it does. But I took this thought one step further. The life force of a tree is ever present in its roots. It is not the seen but the unseen that matters most. The unseen force is the trees roots which from what I have learned, are very powerful and complex. Such is the way with us. It is the unseen force that we must trust in for it is what takes us through the cycles of life....through each season which is beneficial and purposeful for the evolution of our souls. Yes! NATURE TEACHES if only we would pay attention. Most people think modern technology is the superior way of being...I am learning that there is no technology that can beat the innate wisdom present in all things in the Universe...the force from which we all emanate...nothing is greater or superior to that.

~Tirra Hargrow


Wisdom For You: What is the foundation of your Identity

This morning I was having a discussion with myself about how different I feel. I feel much more grounded within myself which means that I feel more confident than I have felt in a long time.

I realized that the difference is that I know myself better than I have known myself in a long while. When I say that I know myself, what that means is that I have studied and pondered spiritual truths for a while and now base my identity on truth more than on my earthly definition of myself.

I remember feeling very shaky about myself when I didn't know truth. Now that I know truth, I feel rock solid.

What is key for us all is to base our identity on truth. A verse from the Christian Bible came to me. It has to do with the man who built his house on sand. When our identity is based on a limited understanding of who we are, we feel like our foundation is on sand. It is only when we build our identity on the highest truth, which is that we are divinely powerful beings who decided to inhabit a body to have an earthly experience, then all levels of our identity are built on a foundation that cannot be shaken.

God Particle: Scientist and Spiritual Leaders Discuss How To Explain this...


Today...Let us LIVE instead of Distract

It is important that we actually live our lives instead of engaging in all kinds of behavior that distract us from the things we don't like in our lives.

Instead of living from our power, too many of us act as if we have to live with the messiness of our lives. To do so we engage in all kinds of distractions using food, chemicals, technology and wasted time in general.

What a waste!

Life was made to be lived. If we don't like something in our lives then it is up to us to create a different reality.

So today, instead of escaping into your usual distracting activities: LIVE! Live you life. Do something fun. Do something to improve your life. Take some deep breaths and walk present in the moment.

LIVE! LIVE! Live your life RIGHT NOW!~Tirra-OlufemiGoddess Guru

Be who YOU want to be today!!!

WISDOM FOR YOU: Today I awoke and reminded myself that since I create my reality, I don't have to be the same person today that I was yesterday. Moment by moment I invent and reinvent myself. It is important for me to CONSCIOUSLY choose the definition of myself. It is important that I address my beliefs so that what I create in myself will be reflection of the TRUTH that I am and not some lie that I have adopted from the world about myself. The same is true for you. DECIDE who you are and the live it out in your own special´╗┐ and unique way. ~Tirra-Olufemi

Self-Love and Gratitude

In a flash you can fall into love of your own self. How wonderful it is to love you as you love others: so full and completely. How wonderful is it to be grateful for your life as you are for the precious others in your life?

A step toward Self-Realization has to be self love. You have been with you forever. Your body and your personality keep go on despite your abuse and neglect of them.

Walk in self-love. You are wonderful and magnificent so be sure to love your own self to the core.

Perspective on Death and Selfishness....don Miguel Ruiz

Life is to be celebrated!

REVELATIONS: It is taking me 42 years to figure out what life is really about...and I am only really just beginning to learn. But when I feel the breeze on my face and when I see the sun rise...when I see how neat it is to see people coming and going and being and doing...I realize that it is so special to be here. Truly, Life is to be enjoyed. Yeah, we have to work through the garbage that we pick up along the way but even the garbage has meaningful lessons. I feel so much gratitude being here in this physical life. I am so excited to be alive and to see what neat things I can create for my ownself and the world....I feel like I only just now started living again. Wishing everyone the freedom to be happy about life...especially your own! YOU ARE A BLESSING TO THE WORLD. ~Tirra Olufemi Hargrow

WISDOM FOR YOU: Why we celebrate when a loved dies

WISDOM FOR YOU: Another reason we can rejoice when a loved one returns home to the non-physical is that it is such an honor that they were in the physical realm. They came and did their thing here for however long. It is such a huge big deal to have a physical life. So we have to cheer them on for work well done while here. A funeral or whatever you want to call it is really supposed to be more like a graduation ceremony. Celebrate that the person has left one leg of the journey and is now moving on to a new one...Not the easiest lesson to know but it really is a different take on death and dying... ~Tirra Olufemi Hargrow

All is One so You can't lose

WISDOM FLOW FOR YOU: ALL IS ONE. When you walk in the knowing that ALL IS ONE you can never have a loss. The biggest trick our minds have played on us is leading us to believe that separateness is real. Though we INDIVIDUATE as multiple beings to have experience in the physical realm, on the spiritual level there is never a separation. WE ALL LITERALLY ARE ONE. So if we seemingly lose something or someone, it is only an illusion. WE CAN NEVER REALLY LOSE as we are all one. If a loved one leaves this realm, they have only left their physical body but the connection to them is forever and real. This is one reason we can rejoice when a loved one goes fully back to the non-physical realm. WE ARE ALL ONE so we are connected to our beloveds who have fully returned home to their souls. ~Tirra Olufemi Hargrow


Feel your relationship with divine spirit, the one who creates you. Every breath is the most wonderful act of love with divine spirit. ~don Miguel Ruiz

Adversity introduces a man to himself. ~Anonymous

GAIN from Dreaming Big!

NO ONE CAN STOP YOU FROM THINKING ABOUT YOUR DREAM! Dream big! You have nothing to lose by doing so. If you at least allow yourself to dream, you do give your dream a chance to actually manifest! And the more unbelievable and scary the dream, the better!!! ~Tirra Olufemi

YOUR EGO vs SELF...I get to choose which one I interact with....

I am learning that I really can love everyone as I believe that ALL IS ONE! For me to dislike anyone is insanity because I believe that we are all connected energetically...We all are one in the same being just different manifestations. BUT...I don't have to like or engage or feed anyone's ego. THAT IS WHERE CHOICE COMES IN! I don't have to cater to ego...especially one that is imbalanced...and this applies to my own ego. SO...my lesson continues in understanding all the different levels of reality and beingness and identity.

WISDOM FOR YOU: Failure is a Condiment....

Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor. ~Truman Capote

WISDOM 4 YOU: The Old vs The New

Just because you feel like you are okay with something doesn't make it true. It may not be that you are okay with something or someone but rather, you are simply used to it or them.

It may not be until you experience a contrast to your present experience, until you experience something new, that you realize that where you were before, was not really desirable at all.

It is interesting that so many people live totally unhappy lives not knowing that they are unhappy ever or until they experience a contrast to what they are living.

It is so important to do more than exist. In order to live, we must follow our heart and make a conscious effort to discover our gifts and talents and to determine how to use them in a joyful manner.

WISDOM 4 YOU: Streeeetch Yourself

"If you aren't in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?" - Unknown Author

It is super important for us to make sure that we don't play it safe in life. I tell people regularly that it is great to get in uncomfortable places because it makes us dig deeply and realize that we can actually that which we didn't believe we could do.

So, sometimes, it is great to get in over our heads because we realize that we can make it no matter what.

Enjoy your day!

WISDOM 4 U: From Limited Self to Limitless Bliss

One of the reasons that so many people have problems with stepping into their expanded, limitless self/nature is because we are so used to our limited, egoic identity that we don't know who we are without it. It is difficult to let go of the known self because it is a comfortable and familiar place.

At the first experience of the new expanded self, it feels so foreign that it can feel scary and uncomfortable. So what do people do, they go back to their unhappy limited egoic identity.

What we have to do is to want the new so badly that we are willing to tear off the old ego and place it in the mental box of previous iterations of ourselves. We have to just decide that we will go on the adventure of being the new being, the expanded consciousness and limitless nature that we are.

Vibrationally, we will get used to the new higher energy at which we emanate. The good news is that we will enjoy it so much more. Bliss lies within. But you have to loose the limits that prevent you from fully experiencing the bliss that you are.

Wisdom 4 U: Letting go...

This quote is so appropriate for this week's reading: "Sometimes you have to let go to see if there was anything worth holding on to." - Unknown Author

WISDOM 4 YOUR DAY: Not Until...

No steam or gas ever drives anything until it is confined. No Niagara is ever turned into light and power until it is tunneled. No life ever grows until it is focused, dedicated and disciplined.

~Harry Emerson Fosdick

Inspiration 4 U: It is all working for your greatest good!

Everything works together for our highest good- even the bad stuff. Knowing your life's purpose will put your life's events in perspective and will allow you to release any feelings of victimhood. It is all good if you choose to see it that way."

~Tirra-Olufemi, Goddess Guru

Wisdom 4 U: How to Get to the End Result

"Begin with the end in mind and then get up and start doing something that will move you in that direction." ~Tirra- Olufemi, Goddess Guru

INSPIRATION 4 U: Benefit of change

"If we do not change direction, we may end up at the point at which we are heading." - Chinese proverb