KAN...The Seed of Potential within Me!

November 1, 2007

I heard Osun's voice in my ear. She said, "Olufemi, study KAN from the Mayan Oracle." KAN...this is one of the Archetypes from the Mayan spiritual tradition that corresponds to Osun.

What does KAN say? Let me begin by paraphrasing a pastor who I view as the male embodiment of Great Mother and Osun energy. His name is Vincent Windrow and when a new member joins the church he tells the person that God has planted a seed inside of them...it's a seed of purpose and potential that is to be watered, nurtured, and nourished so that they bloom and blossom into the beautiful flower they were designed to be.

KAN speaks to that seed. And what usually comes to me whenever I work with this energy is that the seed holds all the instructions necessary for it to go from seed to tree or seed to flower.

I remember pondering how a little seed knows exactly what to do in order to go from this tiny state into an enormously large tree. For so long I did not think about the fact that large old trees were not always large and old trees...that at one point they were tiny little seeds.

And the coding to go from one stage to another and to continue to grow and live and flourish is all contained in the seed.

The thing that I am experiencing is consciously understanding that the coding within me-that part of me that knows that the time is right for a new chapter in my life, the seed-is just doing its thang.

I have not had to tell it what to do. What I find myself doing seems to be by design. It is just the neatest thing. Because now that I understand what is going on, I don't try to fight it.

I used to think I was crazy. When I first began to expand myself beyond Christianity, I could not explain it to others. But I felt an awakening inside of me and to a certain extent I fought it because of my conditionings.

But once I went with the process, that new chapter of my life became ultra exciting and super fulfilling.

I remember learning about KAN after I began my initiation into the Sacred Feminine Mysteries. At some point I remember being in yet another awakening experience. I was in the process of coming into the truth that there is a Goddess, The Great Mother, the Divine Feminine.

It was a knowing in me that was so strong. I simply remember laughing at this seed within me that was merely following its programming. Again, I figured out quickly that it was more beneficial to go with the flow rather than fight it.

And here I am again. Following the programming in the seed. This is why Osun has encouraged me to study KAN as I am now in yet another chapter in my life. Rather than rationalize why I should not do what I am feeling led to do, I will just go with the flow and see where I land.

You see I came here with a purpose and though I cannot see exactly what it is most of the time, I now know that if I just go with my Divine Programming, then I will be guided as to what to do next.

I also learn from KAN that I, my life, my soul is the fertile ground within which the seed will grow. All I have to do is be receptive to the seed growing and I will be guided on what to do.

In some respect this flower that is emerging within me is attempting to grow through the hard ground of beliefs that I am a failure and am limited. But KAN says, "Planting a seed, even in the hard soil of old belief systems, can bring unexpected magic and growth."

What I most want to do is to continue to water, nourish and nuture this seed. What I want most is to simply surrender to the process and follow this unknown path to my continually unfolding purpose.

In surrendering and just going with the flow of my life, I am certain that I will find that I am the exact opposite of how I have been viewing myself for so long. I continue to discover that the success that I desire for my life has only laid a thought or belief away.

Playing it safe has not gotten me where I want to be. Though we are now in the season of fall headed into winter, I am in the Spring of this new emerging me. Me, Osun and Kan...

For a long time I have been in the season of winter...laying dormant, knowing that there is a greatness within me that I am supposed to do something with. But I lay wanting to snuggle within the warmth of seeming security. I have sought to remain protected from the seeming bumps, falls and growing pains that come with allowing one's dream to emerge.

KAN urges me to move through the cycles. Trees grow through each season, so do we. But, if we find ourselves fixed in one season, then there is growth and something to be learned in that, too: the value of the whole cycle.

I give thanks that Osun continues to guide and direct my steps as I am now experiencing myself as the person I always knew that I was. I give thanks for the seed of potential within. I give thanks for this Divine Programming.

KAN's affirmation: "I am the fertile ground and the self-germinating seed of possibility."

NAMASTE (I salute the Divinity with YOU!)

Tyra Olufemi

(Quotes regarding KAN from "The Mayan Oracle" by Spilsbury and Bryner)

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