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"Those who conquer the enemy within have nothing to fear from the enemy without...divination is rooted in the idea of conquering the enemy within."

From Inner Peace by Awo Falokun Fatunmbi

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Spiritual readings are a major tool that I use to guide and direct my life. I have written about divination and using it to obtain a road map for where to go in your life.

Read About Divination Here.

When I am in the midst of change, at the crossroads or confused in general, I divine to help me understand the energy with which I am working. I also seek guidance from the oracle to get clarity on what I need to do to move further in alignment with my Higher Purpose.

In the quote listed above, I have come to find that seeking to conquer the inner enemy is the main reason that I consult the oracle.

So today I offer you the same. I am available to do divination, which will help you understand what energy you are now working with to assist you with mastering yourself and living to your highest potential.

Listen to what my clients have to say about their experience with my divining services:

The accuracy of your divinations never cease to amaze me especially since you did not personally know me. The divinations I have received from you have been accurate and on point with the issues that I was dealing with at the time of my divination request. One thing that will forever stand out in my mind is the message you channeled from my mother whom you did not know was deceased. Even now, three months later, when I read that letter I feel my mother's presence. As far as I am concerned, if I need clarity around an issue you are my first choice for divination.

-Oya Gbemi, Savannah, GA

I remember the first reading Priestess Omilade gave me. I was extremely anxious and in need of some serious spiritual guidance. She was very prompt, for one, in getting back to me with the reading, which that in itself was deeply meaningful for me, because it spoke of her integrity as a Diviner -that she respected my time and me as a person. Also, as always, when you speak with her, she is so full of love and earthiness, that you immediately feel " at home" and at-ease with her. Also, she told me some things that no one had told me before, and during our session, because she is such an "open sponge" for psychic energy, she also revealed other impressions that came up during that conversation. I instantly felt I had reconnected with a long lost friend, and every other reading she has given since has always been a reflection of my immediate needs at that time.

-Angel (Tennessee)

"I appreciate the readings. It has helped me to look at how I handle situations and challenges in a different way. Omilade is caring and supportive."


Tirra-Omilade is a gifted intuitive who is well trained in the art of divination. Asking the oracle about the quality of each reading that she has given speaks volume of her humility and maturity. You will not be disappointed!


What Types of Readings do I Offer?

I primarily do intuitive readings based on my own inner guidance. However, I use wisdom given through one or more of my oracles: Metu Neter (Ancient Egyptian), Merindinlogun (Ifa wisdom of the Odu/Nigeria), The Mayan Oracle and Pathways of the Soul. Additionally, I include Astrology and some numerology.

These are the readings that I can do for you:

Incarnation Reading/Life Purpose Reading ($175 USD):

My personal opinion is that of all the divination that I do this is the most important. The Incarnation Reading provides information on what lessons you have come into this lifetime to learn and your life's purpose. This divination is designed to help you see the BIG PICTURE of your life. It includes a career and love-relationship reading as well as how your name supports your incarnation objective.

This reading is comprehensive and I recommend that you keep it to use for the rest of your life.

Please include your name and birthday (date, location and time of birth).  

PLEASE CHOOSE WHICH GENERAL READING YOU WANT:  Include your date, time and location of birth when you email me.  

  • General Reading ($75 USD)
  • General Reading + (30 minutes) phone or WhatsApp consult: ($100)
  • General Reading Live (in person or via WhatsApp) for 90 minutes: ($125)

Divination is done to give information about where you are right now and what it is that you need to focus on to experience more success. I also give you the wisdom surrounding your present health, career and relationships. You can also ask specific questions. Follow up by email is also included.

I have had the honor and privilege to receive spiritual counsel from Omilade. It has ALWAYS been honest and in my best interest. I don't know which action takes the greatest strength... to come to the Oracle or to be the Oracle.

Erika, Tennessee

Relationship-Love Reading ($60 USD):

This divination provides information that will assist you in maximizing your intimate and interpersonal relationships. This reading has more to do with bigger picture issues in relationships although I can seek counsel from the oracle regarding specific relationships.

Career Reading ($60 USD)

This reading assists you in finding the work that you most love and the lessons associated with that work. This reading is great for people seeking their highest purpose in life.

Omilade possesses a phenomenal Oracle. The accuracy and depth of the guidance I have received has helped me with enormous family and career transitions... not to avoid challenges but to prepare for the gifts that await. Thank you Omilade for shining so brightly in the dark places, loving so strongly in the quiet places, and being true to your higher self. Your example and support always connects with my inner Oracle and shouts the guidance I can only whisper.

Davis, North Carolina

Solstice/Equinox or Eclipse Reading $35 USD:

If you are in need of guidance on how to maximize the solstice/equinox or eclipse energy, then you will benefit from this reading.

New Year's Reading: $75 USD (Perfect for the start of the calendar year, Spring or your birthday!) Astrology included!

“This Sister’s readings are intense, detailed and their accuracy is almost scary.. I received a New Year’s reading from her and was blown away. Then as I re-read it a year later, I had found that everything mentioned in the reading had come true! -Z.O.

If you are truly interested in having an accurate road map to guide you in bettering your life from a holistic and nurturing standpoint, I highly recommend receiving a reading from Priestess Omilade.”

We are in a time in which we continue in radically transformative energy. Our beliefs are being challenged and we are being called to walk more in alignment with the highest Truth.

Getting personal divination will assist you in understanding the challenges and lessons that you are to learn. What is it that you need to do to step more fully onto your spiritual path and to walk in your destiny? The New Year's reading will assist you in answering this question.

Included in this reading is the Goddess energy that you will personally work with this year.

Honestly, if you have never had an incarnation reading, I recommend that you seriously consider getting one because all New Year's divination afterwards will make more sense. The incarnation reading is the BIG PICTURE of your life. New Year's readings help keep you moving on the straight and narrow toward your highest and greatest good.

Goddess Readings: $35 USD

We are in a time when we are moving to a more heart-centered way of living, which is the way of the Great Mother. In order for us to live from the place of love, we must loose ourselves of conditionings and bring ourselves more fully in alignment with our purpose.

One way to live a heart-centered life is to work with the energy of the Goddess. She can be experienced in so many forms and depending on your issue we can determine which aspect of the Goddess with which you need to work.

Goddess Readings are designed to provide you with the guidance you need to connect you with your inner goddess or to better connect with the heart-centered energy of the time. This reading is appropriate for men and women.

How to get your reading?

All I need is your first name. I can only do a reading on YOU!!!! Once you have paid using PayPal (my PayPal e-mail is goddessbms@yahoo.com), Cash App ($TirraHargrow) or at the link below, then I will do the reading and e-mail it to you in video form via private link within 3-5 days.  The exceptions are the Incarnation Reading, takes me 7-10 days to do this highly intensive reading, and the live reading, which does not include a video.

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Please be sure to include the address to which you want the reading sent in the comment box on PayPal or email me directly at goddessbms@yahoo.com

I look forward to consulting the wisdom of the oracle for you!



Advisability of offering these readings: Auset Hetep

Energy surrounding this offer: Nekhebet+, Maat Hetep

Disclaimer: Because of the craziness of this world I have to write this. This spiritual reading is for informational purposes only. Clearly, divination is accurate however I don't do this spiritual reading saying what you "should" do or forecasting the future or anything like that. My readings speak to how you will most likely fair regarding the issue.

Therefore, do not make any decisions on any area of your life based solely on this reading. You know what is best for you so take what you get from this reading and search your heart and use your own inner guidance to make the final decision.

In other words, if I do a reading for you, then you are agreeing that you will not hold me liable for any decisions you make based on this reading.

Thank you!!!!!!