Goddess Notes: For Transformation, Liberation and Self-Realization

Goddess Notes....One of the best things to happen to me is writing about my spiritual insights, experiences and growth.

Goddess Notes are writings of some of the most powerful spiritual revelations that I have.

May they help you on your path to Transformation, Spiritual Liberation and Self-Realization.

Peace, Love and Namaste


  • The Mirror: What do you see in it?

  • In this year consider following CYCLES instead of the Calendar

  • Why Spiritual Initiation is Important...

  • Self-Realization: My Awakening

  • Self-Love Is How to Love Another Person

  • Self-Love: The Most Important Relationship is with your HEAD

  • Gratitude: Let's Use this Powerful Spiritual Tool.

  • The Ancestors Speak: Get your *WHY* big enough.

  • Spiritual Technology: How to Eliminate Debt

  • Results from Visioning and Feelization!
  • Moving from lack and limitation into wealth through ACTION!
  • My *STUFF* is starting to rise to the top!
  • My DMO (Daily Method of Operation)....a key to success!
  • My Inner Victim is assisting me in my latest transformation!
  • Claiming My Birthright...Freeing My Mind
  • Releasing Time...Almost Winter Fasting time
  • KAN...The Seed of Potential within me!
  • She is Faithful to Finish the Good Work Started In You!
  • How my fast is going thus far....
  • Faith...This fast is helping me understand this Goddess Quality.
  • Understanding Faith in the Midst of Tragedy
  • Faith in the Midst of Pain...Ending this fast with a bang!
  • Fast Finale...It's all about Service and Abundance
  • So long to my Superstar-Made-Up-Self! Hello to Authentic ME!
  • In Memory of Lillie Wade Powell: A "Strange" Tribute to My Mother

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