You are in the Market Place of the Goddess!

Discover your spiritual path to financial freedom and entrepreneurial success in the Market Place of the Goddess!

One of the most liberating concepts that has come to me as a result of working with the energy of the Goddess is working with Her energy to manifest all that we desire. I see the importance of the journey into the land of lack and limitation. We often need those experiences in order to get to a place where we seek to make a different choice.

So manifesting what we desire has more to do with remembering that we can manifest anything we desire than actually acquiring stuff.

Where My Journey to the Market Place of the Goddess has led me....

I have come to a place where my quest to manifest a dream life has more to do with me learning spiritual principles and applying them to my life. Moving to a place where I recognize the abundance that is all around me all the time has been one of the best experiences of my life.

Here lately I have become ultra clear that Osun, the Goddess of Creation, has given me clear directive to seek abundance. To seek to use the law of attraction. To allow Her to flow through me in order to see that using just a little of Her energy consciously willcreate anything that I put on my mental radar.

Join the Great Mother in Her Market Place....

Osun has also made it ultra clear that the reason that I am to do this is because I am to be an example for others and to help them remember her abundance and learn how to use it.

She says this is a time for people to remember the abundance of the Universe. She says that this is a time for women to remember the Sacred Feminine Mysteries that are in their wombs...her Divine Laws and principles that will assist us with creating a world that we all desire.

This part of this web sanctuary is devoted to abundance and prosperity particularly in the areas of our finances and entrepreneurial ventures.

We did not come to here to be limited in any way. Debt limits us. Working in careers or jobs that either lack joy or take us away from our priorities in life limit us.

Once we begin to consciously set financial goals and seek multiple streams of income, then we begin to truly live life on our own terms.

The Market Place of the Goddess is Truly a Spiritual Place...

But I am clear as I have been directed by Osun that this is a spiritual journey. The road to debt freedom and wealth building and life on your terms is a spiritual journey. It truly takes us making decisions to live life differently, to operate within the cycles of Goddess energy and to do so by helping others step into abundance whatever that looks like.

Market Place of the Goddess: Wisdom for the Conscious Manifestor

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